Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Skinny on Stripes

Belt Thrifted Savers

Dress Vintage Thrifted Savers


Belt Thrifted Savers

Snake Ring My Grandma's

Snake Ring Grandmas hearts first boyfriend

Heels Nine West Thrifted Savers



The Sun!

Outfit Details
Heels: Nine West Thrifted Savers
Dress: Vintage Thrifted Savers ( I bought it HERE)
Belt: Thrifted Savers
Rings: The Snake was my grandmas, Hearts First Boyfriend

We are getting the most amazing sunsets lately...and photographer extraordinaire was out of control on this shoot. I also felt super skinny in these stripes...I seriously need to wear them all the time...This dress is a find from Savers in Summerlin during our VIP party here! I was in love with the color immediately and while it is super hot and humid the dress is almost sheer so I was able to wear it so I am happy (mental note make sure that when you are trying clothes over your clothes at thrift store to take a mental note that something is sheer before leaving the house...haha.)

So I am back in the business of getting rid of clothes...I feel like every closet and corner is about to explode..I have already had one closet collapse and another is on it's way. The worst part is every time I pick something up I am always finding a way to fit it back in...so last night I decided enough was enough and I now have a huge bin that I will begin to post so that all you thrifters or sale finders who don't have time to go can just come to my virtual closet...if you want...it will also make me feel better and make it much easier to get rid of stuff...like I am finding a good home for them or something...my husband likes the idea too...haha anyway it is coming soon...my goal is August 1, 2011..that's in like 3 weeks...so I gotta go...I gotta stop writing now so I can go and get all of these clothes out of my house into Loving arms...arms of people who will take pics and style the clothes and I don't know...send me the pics...so I can catch up with them...ok I will stop now.

Thanks for all of the love for my yellow blazer I wore yesterday! I will be wearing it at least 2 more times...so keep liking it...cuz you gonna see it again ;O)

P.S. A lot of you have asked about the link on the left side labeled Thrifters Anonymous Thrifters Wanted...it is basically a listing of all the amazing thrifters anonymous members out there...that way you can always go there to check out their blogs and sites. So visit HERE and check out the awesome members, and if you haven't added your link do it...cuz when I reach 100 members there will be a special prize for all...I mean a BIG surprise...BIG :O)




  1. Fabulous as ALWAYS!!

  2. You look so elegant and lovely! That dress really is flattering on you. Or maybe you are flattering on that dress ;) Either way, you look amazing! And yes, the background is awesome of course. Vegas is amazing!! You're lucky you get to see so much of the sky. Over here, trees and hills get in the way...hahaha!

    Anyway, great post! xo


  3. That dress is fabulous!! As always, looking sezzy!

  4. that dress is soooo pretty Shana. Love it!

  5. Love the dress. That style is my fave!

  6. The dress is awesome!!!

  7. Oh, yay!! I can't wait to shop your closet. =)

    You look absolutely gorgeous, Shana! I love the colors in that dress!

  8. Your striped dress is perfect. The vertical stripes are so classy and FLATTERING.

    Note to self: look for more vertical stripes pronto.

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!! Can I have it? OMG its great to find a fellow thriftshionista (what I call female thrifters) YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOO FIERCE!! Now following and I joined your thrifting family. Can't wait for Monday!!


  10. The "skinny on stripes" is that you look skinny in stripes! Haha! This is one of my favs Shana. Such a bright and happy dress.

    Get Up & Go

  11. That dress is amazing, the colors, the stripes, the belted waist! Love it!

  12. What a beautiful dress!! And great photos out in the desert.

  13. I had a collapsing closet problem as well - I invested in new hangers, the ultra thin and light ones. They're amazing and now I can fit TWICE as much!

  14. Look at you!! You are just a doll. So glad I found your blog! xoxox

  15. uh well you look ridiculously fabulous, and im in love with the outfit. :) pictures look amazing!!!

    the style projects

  16. I just found your site and it is fantastic. I am a huge thrifter so it is so much fun to find someone else who loves to thrift.

    The dress is fantastic!



  17. hey! i just came upon your blog and it's great!! i am now following!!

  18. Who takes your pictures?? These are so beautiful. You are gorgeous and I love your sense of style.

  19. Thats a super cute dress!!


  20. This is a gorgeous dress. The color looks perfect on you.

  21. cute dress!



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