Friday, July 01, 2011

Your Comment Was So Funny I Almost Pee'd My Pants

" KNOW your Mama hears and sees you. She knows how proud you are of her and she sees all the good that you do. :)"
Love you!
"P.S. I'm thinking we need to make a quilt of pictures. Which pictures you ask? of you and trash. ;) You can keep it in your guest bedroom. It would be awesome"
From the Blog Post: Passing Me By

Ok, there were tons of really funny comments this week so thank you cuz I needed the laugh and the smile. I am out of town right now so I apologize for the lateness...but we are pre-occupied with a little nonsense, so in dedication of our (me and photographer extraordinaire) host, this weeks comment of the week goes to Dawnya!!! I needed to smile and laugh, I actually laughed out loud and the quilt and then found myself wondering how I could get someone to actually make this for me..cuz well that would be awesome..and explaining to guests why I am posing next to trash and why I chose to have a quilt about it would be even more awesome! Thank you Dawnya for making me smile and being such a dear friend...oh and for the awesome NONSENSE(I will explain later) we are having out here in the OC...Don't forget to check out her blog here, she is doing the 30x30 challenge and I am loving her combos!!! She is also pretty crafty so check out her crafts!

I can not wait to share some of the we went to Magic Mountain...I don't remember laughing or screaming that much in my life we rode this and this...umm yeah...enough said.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update on "A Second Look Project" If you missed last week you can check out here!



  1. So loving this column every week! Makes me feel like I need to say something totally out there crazy to get you to notice me. Will start working on it! Lots of garbage can, alley-way crazy talk! lol

    ps: just fyi, my blog has moved to!

  2. Magic Mountai!!?? I am so jealous....didn't we go with Stevie and Jason like 5 years ago.....??!!

    Glad you are having fun. Love you!

    Get Up & Go


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