Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Heart of Summerlin: Boca Park

Boca Park

Boca Park Fountain

Neckalace Thrifted

American Apparel
Skinny Jeans F21 Thrifted

Heels Tahari




Cheesecake Factory


Top LA Boutique
Outfit Details
Heels: Tahari Marshalls ( I got these a looong time ago)
Jeans: F21 Thrifted Savers
Top: Downtown LA
Jacket: JCrew Thrifted
Bracelets: Target & Savers
Necklace: Thrifted Savers
Purse: Dooney & Bourke Thrifted Savers

My husband and I decided to take a stroll through Boca Park the other night, visiting a friend for a birthday at Cheesecake Factory and taking a few pictures along the way. The hubby is getting a lot better at the picture taking...and this time we didn't argue AT ALL!! haha this is progress people..PROGRESS...haha Boca Park is literally the heart of Summerlin..holding a mega Target, some of the best sushi and happy hour at Kona Grill, SambaLatte mmmmm, the new and always packed Grimaldi's, American Apparel...hubby still doesn't quite get that store..he stood and stared at the window and then looked and me and asked..."do people actually wear that out?"Ughhh he doesn't get it...there is a huge Total Wine...Harry & David...and the list goes on...good times...

So being it is the last week of SYTYCD...that's code for (so you think you can dance)...I must say...while the choreography is not as amazing as past seasons...Melanie has literally taken my breath away with every move..if you have not watched her are really missing's so much more than's a story..and it always takes me to this place...well..usually it takes me to a place of sobbing...but that's my own ridiculousness...anyway...can't wait to see who wins!

THANK YOU guys for always leaving such amazing comments and linking up your finds here on the Thrifters Anonymous Link Up... I feel like such a slacker I haven't been able to visit or comment on ANYTHING...I mean I feel like it's work, eat, workout, learn Kung Fu, read my script, take pictures, blog, cry while watching SYTYCD and sleep again...oh and spending time with the hubby and puppies and cats of coarse...I really look up to all you mom's out there...



  1. LOVE!!!! And you are so pretty! THank you for the sweet comment on my outfit! XOXOX

  2. LOVE this outfit! Those shoes are amazing! Marshalls has some seriously cute stuff.

  3. wow! You're almost fully thrifted. Great outfit! I like your bag especially, so vintage chic!


  4. Melanie's solo last week was amazing, but I have to say I was a little let down by the finale last night. Hopefully tonight's results show will be awesome.

  5. P.S. Your outfit is hot. I love the jeans with those heels!

  6. Love your shirt! So very cool!


  7. I thought I was the only one who thought the choreography on SYTYCD this season was not up to the level of past seasons. And Melanie is AMAZING but there sint really anyone else I feel like that stood out like past seasons. I miss the old days, maybe the dancing wasnt as technical but the people were cooler. I mean Twitch, Katie, Jeanine, and Kent and Lauren? where is the personality this season?

  8. PS. I just started following your blog and this is totally my favortie outfit of yours so far.

  9. Great outfit, causal but cool!


  10. Such an adorable outfit. I had no idea that any of that was thirfted, lol. I was asking myself while looking at the pictures, 'what is thrifted in this outfit?' To me, that's a thrifted outfit done well.
    You look amazing and your pictures are beautiful.

    Jess - Check us out if you get the chance! :)

  11. love the outfit and I am totally with you on Melanie... I so think she is going to win!! love that girl!!!

  12. Just found your blog. You such an amazing collection of thrifted items. I love to thrift. Love this look.


  13. Those jeans and the jacket are just perfect. Love these photos!


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