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Thrifters Anonymous Weekly Link Up! August 22, 2011 Dinosaurs & Roses Edition

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the Week goes to 
SheDel from
Outfit Details
Lace Crop Top-$7 @ Rainbow
Leopard Skirt-$3.75 @ Goodwill
Earrings-Mom Thrifted
Chunky Necklace-$6.99 @ Marianne's
Flats-$22.99 @ Payless
If you don't know SheDel...well then you NEED to...not only is she a thrifting diva but her laugh is infectious and her smile and confidence are contagious...I stumbled upon her while I was on Youtube...(side note...I am still trying to figure You tube out...I started my own channel HERE  if you guys wanna take a look.the last was a mix of Savers, H&M and Catholic Charities. I promise they will get better )

haha...anyway SheDel had a video and I couldn't stop watching!! haha she reminded me of myself and I immediately felt connected...everything she picked up made her so excited..and you could tell she was already thinking of how she was going to style the item...she found bags that she had forgotten about...haha I do that a lot!
Anyway I heart SheDel and when I saw her Thrifters Anonymous Link Up I immediately wrote on my inspiration wall ...LEOPARD and SHEER LACE TOP..TOGETHER......I love this look and the whole outfit...thank you for inspiring me SheDel and thank you for sharing YOU with US...

There were 28 Thrifters  Anonymous MEMBERS who linked up last Monday!!! Thank you also to those members who shared their finds on my facebook page HERE!!!
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A couple of weeks ago Photographer Extraordinaire and I decided to check out a new thrift shop that opened up in town. We were really is always fun to find a new store!

Dinosaurs & Roses is located at
 6029 W. Charleston at the corner of Jones here in Las Vegas!

The place has two floors with the second floor hosting over 40 local and national artists! They actually have an art festival on the second Sunday of every month!!! totally gonna check it out next month!
The first floor is filled with Jewelry...
Furniture..I love these couches!!!!  and home goods...
umm this adorable chair and desk!!!
a men's section for the husbands and boyfriends and sons...
Women's Shoes...really good prices...really good condition..
This is the first room on the right...and if you are a lady..this is the room you want to be was a tad bit hot...but when you are HIGH off the excitement and layering clothes on your gym clothes...well...then it gets hot...
this rack was AWESOME.....
We immediately started going at it!!! They are organized by the type of garment...not color coded like Savers but easy to look through...
ummm Obviously by the stack of clothes you see here it was real easy!! We found a cart and set up shop in front of this huge mirror!
There were "Oskie Woskie's"....vintage items....I think this dress was $4
Really old items....
lot's of 80's dresses...
The blouse selection was ridiculous....soooo many...
I found this gorgeous gold top....I decided to give it to P.E. as it was a tad too big on me...but will still be on the hunt for something similar...I DID however get these ridiculous leggings...that are hideous and the perfect fit..haha
Fell in love with this over sized button top..there were buttons down the back too...tops were roughly $2 to $3...
Ok P.E. that skirt is doing you right...There were tons of cute skirts!! and they were 50% off...always ask for the sale of the day!
Loved this mustard blouse!
Skirt into a cute!
These were some that we had to leave behind...

If you live here in Vegas or are visiting, Dinosaurs and Roses is definitely a must go...the prices were great and there was so much to choose from...vintage, new, and everything else in between...

Send me any questions you may have about the store to
 Stay tuned for a Thrifters Anonymous meeting there...and let me know if you are interested in attending!!!
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  1. Love your finds!! So amazing! Congrats to Shedel. I love her too!


  2. Oh, I love thrifting while on vacation! I am going to have to bookmark this one.


  3. that store looks like so much fun. All the jewelry! Ah, so pretty. Accessories are not easy to come by here in San Diego surprisingly. Most of mine have come from the Saver's in Reno. San Diego doesn't have a Saver's for some reason. I admire your daring with fashion. I'm not nearly that brave, but I guess that's why you're a trendsetting cover model and I'm not, lol. You always look great. :)


  4. I live in Las Vegas so I guess I'll have to check out this store.
    I really enjoy stopping by blogs such as yours to see what great thrift shop and garage sale finds you've discovered.
    You're an inspiration!
    I'm so looking forward to hitting my local thrift store this weekend!

  5. OMG OMG OMG I did not even know I was chosen because I've been without a comp for weeks. This is SUCH an honor!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much. You inspire me soooooo much as well. I am definitely going to link my followers to this as soon as I post something new. Thanks again!

  6. SheDel is such an amazing thrifting diva.. She is one of my daily reads.


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