Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good guys finish...

Mary Janes Guess Savers

Top Thrifted Savers

Top thrifted Savers

Skirt BCBG

he he

Who do I think I am! haha

Outfit Details
Patent Mary Janes: Guess Thrifted Savers
Striped Pencil Skirt: Max Studio
Top: Thrifted Savers
Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted Savers
Headband: Target
Greasy Hair: ALL MINE haha

Last First
This week has been trying to say the least...I always thought that if you are true to who you the right thing...and work hard...that in the end you will be rewarded...I get's somewhat naive to think that GOOD guys would ever finish first....they didn't make up the saying that way....

I just finally learned this...I also learned that...compromising ones self is never an option...honesty, integrity, and at the end of the regret....I know I am rambling and without going into details...I lost something I have been working so hard for this week...and I realized...that I would have worked that hard even if I knew it was going to be lost...does that make sense? It's such a good feeling knowing that you did what you would have done...and now I can move forward and look for more opportunity...

I'm off to finish my projects! I CAN NOT wait to show you guys the finish far...I am a GENIUS! haha but right now my two labs and two cats are my only judges...haha

Have a great weekend everyone!!! and good guys finish first....cuz the bad guys have to live with themselves...



  1. great way to stay positive about whatever it is that happened! and about your hair, as I was looking at you photos I was admiring it so much and then was thinking how great it looked so I had to have a little laugh when I read the "greasy" part!! You could never tell it was greasy, I think it looks wonderful, you have amazing hair!!

  2. Shana you are so pretty! And you have such gorgeous hair...Im a little bit jealous! I love what you said about never compromising ourselves...I believe that as well. Sometimes its just hard not too...especially if you are trying to please someone else. But like one of my friends said, "your feelings should always come first". Anywayyy lol, cant wait to see your projects!!


  3. i love the top! red and gold are my favorite color combination when i want to go bold!
    come check out my blog if you like :)

  4. Never compromising our values is such an important message. Love the beautiful outfit and the pics are terrific.


  5. That skirt is perfect on you! Thanks so much for linking up!

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  7. Shana..this is my same experience..I worked very hard to salvage a relationship even though in my gut I knew it would not work. But I just needed to know that I had given it my all and fought till the end. Now I feel a sense of closure and can move on to bigger and better things!! I'm confident you will do the same. Good things happen to good people.

    As usual you look fantastic, you beauty shines inside and out.


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