Sunday, October 09, 2011

Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! P.E. Edition Take II

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week goes to Julie

Poncho: Thrifted Value Village!!!

Ughhh Julie!!! This poncho is gorgeous and it is red and it is THRIFTED!!! What a great find...You are one fashionable Riding Hood and I am also sooo excited you are participating in my "New Day, New Shoes" Challenge....those boots are great...
I have featured Julie before but for those of you who don't know her check her out! She is a fellow thrifter/sale finder and one of my first Thrifters Anonymous members...she often takes inspiration from others, showcases them and showcases her own interpretation...she shares her fund tid bits along the way, and I just enjoy following her through her journey! Thanks Julie!!! Can't wait to see how you style this cape all winter long!!!
If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week then you must go and check it out...You guys seriously inspire me every week...thank you...

Now on to my Thrifted finds...for P.E. that is... once again...I love featuring P.E. and I know you guys have been asking me how she is doing...aside from seeing her progress in these pictures below..."A Second Look Project" will be updated this week!! I am so excited to share the rest of her journey, secrets, and what got her here!!!! Anyway...These pictures were taken February of 2011!!!
Belt Thrifted Savers (Her first Belt!!!!)

Top Thrifted Savers

Skinny Jeans Kohls

Belt Thrifted


February 2011
Outfit Details
Top:Thrifted Savers
Skinny Jeans: Kohls
Studded Belt: Thrifted Savers (P.E.'s first belt!!!!)
Heels: Thrifted Savers
Earrings: Gifted by ME!

Now it is your turn!
 If you have a thrifted item, a sale item, or something you can help others save money or time on from this past week, Link up to Thrifters Anonymous every MONDAY and you will have a chance to be featured! Let's be real folks...who doesn't want to see what others are doing to save money, or even how they are letting their creativity amaze us. Oh and not to mention that it's just a cool club and there are no rules, so I won't punish you if you don't want to post my button...I mean it is anonymous right? Thank you and see you every Monday!

Hi, My Name is {Your Name HERE} I am addicted to Thrifting!

Thrifters Anonymous
Here is how it works...
  • In the "Link it to" section, leave a link to one specific Thrifters Anonymous post from the past week or week prior...doesn't matter...
  • In the "Title" section, tell me what was thrifted cuz you were super excited about your outfit or new couch . An example would be "Thrifted Belt, handmade skirt, & shoes on sale!
  • That's all...and there is no judgement here...everything is worthy...and believe me once you link up you are officially a Thrifters Anonymous Member...FOR EVA..ha ha ok..or as long as I am doing this madness..
  • If you miss the link up or do not have a blog Link up to my facebook and share! I would love to see your finds and meet you!
  • You can also check out my Youtube channel for Hauls, stylings, and more!


  1. awesome post she is pretty cool!
    XX Ilana

  2. PE looks great in her purple top and jeans combo. Nice earrings too


  3. Love that purple blouse with jeans! Thanks for hosting : >

  4. Yay! I finally stopped being a lazy gaga and linked up!

  5. Lovely top and it's purple. My favorite color!

  6. Both of you girls look fabulous. I love your red cape, it is TDF!

  7. YAY! I heart PE! She looks so amazing!!!

    Get Up & Go

  8. PE looks fierce. Love the outfit:)

    I have to say that there is something a little surreal when paging through Google Reader I see my own face;) Thanks Shana! I love your Monday Thrift meetings and cannot wait to see each week what everyone posts!


  9. Yay Julie! I only just discovered her blog...maybe last week. And I was hooked as soon as I saw that red poncho! It's fabulous.

  10. That red poncho is the business!!! I am thrifting like a madwoman now..I need a cape/poncho in my life.

  11. Hi Shana!
    My name is Maya and I am addicted to thrifting (mostly at Goodwill). Just discovered you blog. Thanks for hosting this fantastic party. I'm all linked up (#21)

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