Friday, March 23, 2012

Eat Clean: My Spices

Eat Clean: My Spices

Thought I would share some of my favorite spices and what I use in most of my cooking. I love spicy food and I love spices...this really helps to keep things interesting when on a somewhat EXTRA clean diet...spices also carry a lot of vitamins and often times "healing" powers haha so spice it up..and remember to always check the ingredients...SALT should not be one of them if you are trying to eat clean...and be careful when you go to whole Foods Spice might leave spending like $50 just on spices...I recommend choosing something you want to try and grab the small boxes like I got!


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  1. Hi Shana1
    I too an a thrit-a-holic. almost everything i wear/buy is thrifted.
    I am certainly 'joining' your group!
    I entered 3 posts, but the title I did was wrong (i pasted the html code,duh! - so name them whatever you want, LOL!)


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