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Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! Colorblind, The Penny Project, and Savers Special Edition!

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week goes to
Style That Moves

How freaking cute are these seriously...she made them! I am sooooo inspired by cute right...thank you Mary for sharing this thrifty trick...I want to do this to ALL of my jeans...ok...maybe not all but I'm gonna try it for sure! and $5 jeans are awesome! LOVE!Thank you for linking up!If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous you can check it our HERE! Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel where you can go thrifting withe me...I will be updating videos soon!
{Thrifted Jeans $5}

This week I have a very special thrifting trip to share with you and a very special story.. This week I teamed up with Leslie and Darlene Stein of The Penny Project to host a Thrifters Anonymous Thrifting trip with one of the most inspiring young ladies.. I didn't know her before going but I knew that this trip would be a lot more than just shopping. The story is heavy and while I don't normally post things like this, Merrik wanted to share her story and I thought that everyone would get the inspiration I got... Thrifters Anonymous Members I would like to introduce to you, MERRIK, our newest Member!! Everyone say hi!

Merrik Frost is 19 Years old, born in Bellflower, California and moved here when she was 5 years old to Las Vegas. In 2007, Merrik's mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer  but was able to have it removed. By the end of 2008 the cancer had had spread to her ovaries and she began to go through many treatments and radiation. 

On March 20, 2009, Merrik was 16 years old at the time and  lived with her grandmother and her aunt and her son. That day she was sitting with her mom downstairs on the couch reading a book to her, everyone was going out that day so it was just them.. Her  mom told me that she needed to get something from upstairs. As she started walking up the stairs she stopped and said "Merrik you know i love you right?" She told her, "of course mom, i love you too." She began to go upstairs. A few minutes passes and Merrik heard a huge thump on the ground. She thought maybe she just dropped something, She quickly went up and tried opening the door to see that her mom had tried to take her life. Merrik called 911 while she held her mom in her hands. Her my mom started to talk and started saying " No let me go, we are losing everything, Merrik doesn't need me anymore, let me go." After the doctor had made the determination that the cancer had spread too far, Merrik's  mom then told everyone no more treatments that she wanted to just live her life and be home. 

On October 2,2009 she passed away. The very next year on October 2, 2010 Merrik was diagnosed with kidney failure and had to begin dialysis.

 "Being hit with this trial I feel like God was giving me a challenge to make me realize if i really want to be here in this life. I was to the point where I would rather be with my mom than on this earth and then being diagnosed I started to really feel that way but then I knew my mom would want me to fight for my life just like she did til she couldn't anymore. These trials I've faced not only made me a stronger person but also made me realize how precious our lives are and how precious our time is on this earth. It motivated me so much that there are so many things I want to do, and just wanting to become successful in life. I love my life and everyone in it that has loved and supported me through all my challenges. I want other people to know that you can get through anything. God gives challenges to those he know can overcome them. "

Shana, I just want to thank you again for that wonderful experience! It meant so much to me, I felt special and just the fact you took time out of your day to do something for me, someone you didn't know, I have never been treated that way before and I'm so thankful that I was able to meet you. 

Thank you for letting me share my story
Love Merrik

She was so excited about the jeans section but intimidated by the I just started picking some out!

Yeah we went a little nuts...
Lincoln had to make an appearance obviously..and if you haven't gotten your hands on The Penny Perspective by Leslie Stein get on it!

and yes...there were four of them...


She was so excited about this military jacket!!

OBSESSED with these skinny jeans!

Merrik found:
3 shoes
11 tops
3 jeans
7 jackets

 Thank you so much and i will definitely keep in touch with you. And by the way i just want to say thank you for sharing your story about your mom with me. It's also nice to know someone like you who has been through the same kind of trial as me. You have really inspired me to continue my love for fashion and has definitely turned me into a thrift store lover
and what would a meeting be without he in a costume? haha 
 Thank you to SAVERS and The Penny Project for helping sponsor this very special trip!

My thrifting experience was such an eye opening experience. Learning to thrift shop was so much fun! I loved the tips that you gave me and that you can still get good quality clothes for an amazing price. Finding my style was a great learning experience for me, such as when i found this green military jacket it just clicked and gave me the idea of what kind of style i was into. I would describe my style and a little edgy mixed with chic just like you described as well. Going thrift store shopping was different than going to the mall because if i were to go to a store in the mall I already know what kind of styles and clothes there are and that sometimes its going to be expensive and you don't know if you really want it. But going to the thrift store I just felt like i didn't know what to expect and that I didn't need to question if it was worth it or not because the prices don't freak me out haha

 I honestly didn't know what to expect when i was going to come to Savers. I didn't think i would find anything that was my style or even going to find anything or have that I "must have"  moment. And what do you know, I'm now obsessed and am in love with every piece of clothing I received. 

THANK You MERRIK for sharing you story and thank you for inspiring us to go after all that we want and dream!
Thank you all for linking up!!!
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  1. how sweet and loving! i always wanted to start a program telling young girls the power of thrifting and a sewing machine.

    cant never give up in life, and i hope she got that pink peacoat, its super cute.
    and we got a jar of pennies might now what to do with them know

  2. What an inspiring post! Looks like you all had a great day together and found some awesome finds. :)

  3. Wow what an amazing story and amazing thing you participated in! :')

    <3 danielle

  4. Beautiful story & so awesome of you to connect with Merrick. I'm sure she'll remember this forever.

    xo Angela

  5. I agree beautiful young lady ...and thank you for sharing her story!

  6. Ah! Merrik is a trooper and she seems like a sweet girl :)

  7. What a lovely young lady! Thanks for sharing her story. :)
    Thanks for hosting!
    (And I thrifted the scarf, but I never can remember to put that in the title! oops!)

  8. I should have known better to read a story like that at work I was crying at my desk.

    What Savers do you go to if you don't mind me asking? The one by my house is hit and miss.


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