Monday, January 28, 2013

Thrifters Anoynmous Link Up! Savers, Sequins and Hats

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week goes to
Georgie of
Jump and Twirl
western outfit
{thrifted the skirt, belt and shirt - each for 1 dollar or less}

I love this outfit...What's funny is it looks like she got it at Anthropologie...but as you can see half the outfit was less than $5...Everyone Welcome Georgie...she is adorableand one good thrifter! Loving that mustard cardigan too!!If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous you can check it our HERE! Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel where you can go thrifting withe me...I will be updating videos soon!

 So this past weekend was my birthday party shared with my dad...and it was amazing...I was surrounded by some of my best friends, family, and it was perfect...all my girls came out in their best sequins...hats...and they looked amazing...Pictures to come! haha I still haven't even looked at them...haha hope they turned out! Anyway...the other night after a workout I stopped into Savers since it was next door to my dance rehearsal...I found this Lord & Taylor Sequin dress, this purple hat, and this adorable vintage mini robe thing...I tried everything on..took pictures...and left....with NOTHING...I didn't really need another hat and I have now 3 sequin dresses...this one was cute but not necessary...I would like to say that I resisted the urge...I am really trying to be picky and ONLY come home with FINDS..but as all of you know..being the addicts we are...EVERYTHING is a find...haha anyway here is what I found..and left ;O)

Thank you all for linking up!!!

 Now it is you turn!
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  1. I know what you mean by resisting the urge! It might seem like I buy a lot, but I actually think I resist the urge more often!! :)

  2. Thanks for inviting me to your link up...have a great day!!

  3. Everything looks so good on you! Feels good to be picky though!

  4. Hey Shana, It's fun to be sharing some of my thrifted finds with you and your friends. That purple hat is so cute, but kudos to you for knowing when to say No.

    Happy Birthday to you and your Dad a day or two late. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, all sparkly and full of love.

    Sue xo

  5. thanks for featuring me! :) looking at your post I think I really need something sequined in my closet :)

  6. i know what you mean! Sometimes you just have to set down the 5th chambray top you find lol! Love the thirft member of the week's outfit!

    C's Evolution of Style

  7. That sheer jacket is super cute! I've become really picky about what I buy too. I really have to be able to see myself wearing it over and over again.

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