Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me & My Dad: Take 1

So my birthday week was packed and the actual day of my birthday we went to Brio where you can get a free meal! I know...and since I share a birthday with my dad we thought we would take advantage! Also, they have a new menu which features some eat clean meals..I was impressed...and as you can see from the pictures I was also exhausted...the night didn't last long but it is always fun to celebrate on the actual day.
My sister went nutso for me and my dad...she got him Le Creuset cook ware...he was excited as you can tell?...

Debbie got me a new pair of Addidas that we will go pick out together and this card from Papryus...I love this company...
They brought out candles and sang...i didn't partake in the dessert...but don't worry...I partook in plenty on Saturday! IMG_0368 
My sister always gets me organized and I just lover her presents. She got me this travel and everyday make up and everything else bag...LOVEIMG_0362 
She also got me this Michael Kors wallet..can't wait to use it...IMG_0364

Saturday morning one of my best friends picked me up for a morning of fitness at one of the most amazing gyms I have ever been to....seriously...it's like a museum for gyms..I was trying to sneak pics everywhere!
Spin was our first stop...there is a room dedicated to spin which is awesome...the bikes are digital...we were a little late and I laughed cuz we couldn't figure out how to get the bike adjusted...then my big ole tennis shoes didn't quite fit in the slots so it was hilarious.
About 15 minutes after the class, we went over to another room and did a strength training class...funny how you can lift weights and work out everyday but be challenged by something new...it's always nice to change things up. IMG_0387 
We were laughing because our stuff was everywhere...you could tell we were new..and yes we used all of this stuff..IMG_0389
We then took a tour and I found these machines..I have NEVER seen a dead lift or lunge machine? haha this place is ridiculous!
IMG_0392 IMG_0393 
YES, you are looking at this correctly...we are still at the gym...there is a freaking water park and pool and lounge outside...I know...
We then went over to the cafe which looks like Whole Foods...took us like 20 minutes to figure out what to eat....
The food was awesome...and it was so nice to just chat and hang out! I miss my friend!
IMG_0395 IMG_0396 
We had an incredible workout and a great morning! I will share part two tomorrow! Lot's of sequins and hats :O)


  1. happy birthday to you!! love me some brio :) and that gym!! i think id work out every day at a gym like that :P

  2. Happy Birthday. Lifetime is crazy amazing and so are there prices. I love Brio's happy hour. Had no idea they did a free birthday! I missed the sign up for that one. Mine was last week.

  3. Happy Birthday and what a great way to spend it! These photos are awesome - fun fun fun!

  4. Happy Belated Bday to you and your dad. You have a beautiful family, how much you look like your dad.

  5. What a fun post! Happy Birthday Shana!

    Wow, what a gym... a dead lift machine???!!!! I am cracking up! I used to be into body building (back before electricity, j/k) when Rachel Mclish was the queen. You are inspiring me here in the exercise area. I am so lazy now! Need to change that and quick like. Have a beautiful day! xoxox

  6. Happy Birthday! Mine was monday the 28th. I love celebrating all week too! :)


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