Wednesday, May 15, 2013


{Photography by John Michael Cooper of Altf}
Today is Adam's birthday. It is Wednesday, the middle of the week and we both have to work. bleh 
I just remember when I was a kid and the day of your birthday was the BEST. DAY. EVER. IT was like you could do anything you wanted...I guess at 35, that is not the case. We have been so exhausted I was still sleeping when he woke up. No breakfast in bed...or ANYTHING for that matter haha He made ME coffee and organized a spot in our drunk droor.. haha thanks honey, 2 cameras, an emergency bag, and 2 Starbucks gift cards later it was like we hit the jack pot in our own home :O) 

If most of you know Adam, he isn't exactly THRILLED about birthdays, or birthday party's...This past weekend at the LAST minute he decided he wanted to get his friends together at a local bar and hang out...the problem was that not everyone could  come...he sucks at EVITE and forgot peoples emails and thought he had emailed everyone and didn't. HE was totally feeling bad.  I felt horrible for not throwing a party...or a celebration...I mean...ever since I can remember my mom and dad threw us the best PARTY any of my friends had ever seen...limbo, home made gourmet food, DIY Win Lose or Draw, a DANCE OFF in our living room, and the best opening of presents celebration you could ask for...needless to say some of our dear friends came to wish Adam Happy birthday and he was thrilled. The next morning we woke up and we were off to see Ironman 3 in the new theaters here in Vegas. A Lounger, a Pint of beer and a massive amount of popcorn...The hubby was a happy camper...and well..that was his big celebration. 

I guess you don't need an EXTRAVAGANZA for your birthday to matter haha I love that we are so different...helps me to relax...and  well, we have spent lots of quality time together in his truck since my car decided to take a vacation for a few days...haha car pooling with your hubby...actually kinda fun..haha you should try it! 

So Happy Birthday Hubby...You are and will always be my favorite part of birthdays...Every year we continue to challenge each other and dream of all the places we want to go and projects we want to create....I hope it never matter how OLD we get :O) 35 looks nice on you...

LOVE you ACTION star, Producing GENIUS, Hockey player, political ranting, flowy hair having,  my shenanigan dreams  supporter, love of my life Adam R. Kibourn.


  1. What a sweet birthday post for hubby. I bet his best birthday gift is you every year! Happy Birthday Adam!

    I feel bad...I haven't taken the time to watch the film yet. I do intend to watch it though!!!

    Sue xo

  2. Happy 35th Birthday to your hubby Adam! He sounds sweet. 35 is a nice age.

  3. Awww!! That's a beautiful birthday post!!! My husband and I have been married for 16 years, and we're much older, and I adore him in the same way. We are the lucky ones, right? The photos are beautiful and you'll have them forever.

  4. Happy birthday hubby who I don't know! :)

    Sounds about the same as around here. I try to do a few things for him, but he's over it. Luckily, he's not over it on my birthday when I say that it's still a holiday... I like how things work!


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