Thursday, September 26, 2013

I hope you dance... #ProjectFAB #FABFOUND

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Outfit Details
Strong is the New Sexy Tank: c/o Marshalls Retail $25 Cost $12.99
Lucy Leggings: c/o Marshalls Retail $89 Cost $29.99
Nike Shoes: c/o Marshalls Retail $100 Cost $29.99
Head Phones:c/o Marshalls Retail $50 Cost $19.99

Yep. This is my new favorite outfit...I feel sexy...I feel fit.... I have been going on and on about these headphones too...primarily because without MUSIC...well...I'm not sure I could survive...

Let's first talk about music at the gym...It's amazing how just a beat...or a lyric from a song will ignite this FIRESTORM inside and a rush of energy will literally go through you like know what I am talking about? gives you that extra push to run faster...or strength to lift heavier..I mean sometimes I have found myself literally crying on the treadmill.... on the down side...if I DO NOT have's like the world body goes limp and I am practically sleeping...haha 

So this brings me to my Skull Candy accident a month beloved headphones that I bought from Marshalls snapped in half when I pretty much ran it over with my car....haha long story...anyway...I got to the gym and I could barely peel myself off the bench in the locker room...I was ANGRY...and I was searching for an extra pair...I even asked 3 of my friends there if they had extra...I contemplated leaving but I was a miserable experience...

Fast forward 3 days later and on my doorstep..was a box...from PROJECT FAB....Marshalls...when I say I was in tears I am not honored to be among st these women from all over the country..Inside...were these was like a prayer had been answered...

I wore them to the gym that night... LOUD...beautiful..these headphones literally have been my savior to my that extra push...they get real loud where you get that warning about your ears? haha they stay in your ears when you look like you had a bottle of water dumped on your head...and they came with a case..a hard I don't break them...they are perfect. 

and that my how I met my new dance partner....haha

Don't forget to show us your new dance partner...or new gym swag from Marshalls by tagging
#FABFOUND #ProjectFAB for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card....Do you know how much you could get with that? haha Tag @colorblindblog so I can see!!!

Disclosure: I have received free products or value from Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc. in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB, however it does not influence the opinions expressed in this post..

New VLOG is up! 

I am authentically and mostly certainly addicted.. haha

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