Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Fall: My Fireplace Finds

So if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that even in my busiest of days I will make time to decorate...I used to do the whole house...but frankly it stressed me out and all my animals though that the decor were midnight snacks...so I chose my Fireplace Mantel as my ever changing season...there are other places I will take you but today I thought it be only fitting to show you some of my recent finds and old finds that make up my FALL mantel... I guess I could start with the two animals who so politely sat in front for a picture...they NEVER miss a picture...haha I got them from a rescue well...rescue from a good friends friend who needed to find good home for puppies...and well...here they are.. SOPHIE.. and SAMPSON...

I have a mixture of things from Thrift stores...my family...and well..Marshalls...WHAT a surprise...haha

I have several letter K's..for Kilbourn....from Marshalls...this one I got like last night as I had not seen a wooden one.
It was only $8 and the last time I saw one similar was at Pottery Barn for $40...I would say that is a find!

 The Mercury glass vase was also from Marshalls on sale for $10 originally $20 and the retail was like $40..it almost looked like it was from Z Gallery maybe... The little balls of twine and such are also from Marshalls on sale for $2..I saw some at Hobby Lobby and they were $20!!! Score...
 The Milk glass vase is thrifted from Savers for $3, along with the fake flower I put in it...The small antique tea cup with a candle I put in is from a thrift store in Seattle..

The Candelabra was my grandmothers..passed down to my dad...passed down to me :O) The Tom Sawyer book and two others were my Papa's along with the doilies... On the far left is a small vintage jar wrapped in burlap with a candle on top.. Thrifted

The orange blossom branches are from Cost Plus...
The small bird with a scented sachet is from Marshalls just got it last night...It smells amazing!!! I also just picked up the Mercury glass owl and pumpkin from Marshalls....LOVE I couldn't stop thinking about it for a week!

The candle stick holders are holding up pumpkins from Trader Joes and the holders are from Salvation Army!
 The Vintage mirror is from Goodwill!
The candle stick holder was a gift from Nordstrom from a good friend for our anniversary... Milk glass from Goodwill and I just placed the pumpkin on some burlap I had used fro a runner in our kitchen..
Thank you to #projectFAB for sending me this Yankee Candle from Marshalls... It is pumpkin spice and it smells amazing...I simply wrapped it in burlap and tied it with some raffia I had... great way to use your favorite candles but help match the decor...
Vintage side table from Opportunity Village... $7....I plan on painting it but it sits here for now...the Vintage type writer is from Goodwill along with the phone...and candle stick holder...little brass pitcher was my mom's from her flower shop back in the day and vase with flowers is from Savers!
These pillows are some of my favorite from Marshalls...their pillow section sucks me in every time.. my hubby doesn't understand my obsession...but I'm ok with that.. haha they were like $10 a piece on sale! originally like $40!!!

The chair is from craigslist and it was $15 WITH the ottoman..I plan on re-upholstering...but I ain't got time for that now...haha
The African looking pieces next to the chair...those are from Marshalls a LONG LONG time ago Love them...I got them when I themed out our office into Indiana Jones...

The stars that sit below on the fireplace is from Marshalls a long long time ago as well..they house little automatic lights..and I light them when guests come..

So there you have it... my pretty much only place that looks seasonal in my home...but makes me feel all warm and cozy...until I start sweating cuz it's 100 degrees still outside...it's ok...it's officially October...and it is time to relax...oh and get you some health insurance! haha Happy October friends...and please share your finds with me HERE on the Thrifters Anonmyous Link up!!! Have you guys gotten any new things from Marshalls? the thrift store? grandparents? I love seeing your ideas...please share them!!!

 Until then...I will bust out my fake spiders and toes and fingers for my Halloween wreath...haha

Behind the Scenes:
Finding Decor in Marshalls

SOOOO Here is a little behind the scenes on my most recent purchases from Marshalls I was gonna wait until Thrifters Anonymous but here is what I do..I collect over time...

I hit up the Clearance Aisle first... IMG_3413 Then take a look at the Seasonal stuff... IMG_3421 IMG_3412 I wanted to go for a more neutral look...not so Themed this year.. IMG_3422 IMG_3423 IMG_3425 IMG_3424 IMG_3429 IMG_3428
Grab your pieces and bring them over to a section where you can begin to style them and make sure you don't need anything else! IMG_3415
Thank you to #projectFAB team for choosing this candle..which inspired this whole remake of my mantel...I never buy these candles because they are so expensive...great deal at Marshalls..this scent rocks by the way..go get it!!
IMG_3157 IMG_3158

Makes it much easier and allows you to really see what you have!!! Have fun! and let me know if you do this too haha

Here is my latest VLOG showing you this tripto Marshalls and more..Thanks for watching!!

Disclosure: I  received the Yankee Candle from  Marshalls . in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB, however it does not influence the opinions expressed in this post.. I purchased everything else on my own..over many years! Hope you enjoy!



  1. Oh, I love your mantle. It is beautifully styled. I get a little crazy in our HomeSense, a Canadian Marshall's...it's only with great restraint that I don't leave with all new home accessories! Love your dogs...I've got a Samson kitty. xo

  2. I love your fireplace so much!I started my first day at work in Tk Maxx in the UK and that's part of Marshalls so loved this blog lol you have such a great eye and style

    Please feel free to check out my blog and let me know what you think http://hayleythrills.blogspot.com


  3. The fireplace looks so cute!

  4. I love how it turned out! Nice and rustic, just my style :D




  6. I am jelous in the animal who gave its skin to be your shoes...!!!!


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