Saturday, November 02, 2013

Models for Mutts Pre-Show

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IMG_4467 If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you would know that I modeled in a charity event last night benefiting the NSPCA held at Land Rover Las Vegas! Such a great cause...I am an animal "hoarder" if you a kid I wanted one of each...a turtle, a bird, the neighbors cat, the neighbors dog...the pig behind our house, the rolly pollies...if you live in Vegas you know what those are...haha catch my drift...

I was honored to be asked by Louisa Voisine Millinery to model some of her gorgeous hats down the runway. I can't wait to see the pictures...she even made hats for the dogs!!!! puppy was adorable and kept licking my face the whole time..I promised the hubby I would NOT come home with a puppy...but I did come home with lots of kisses for my 4 animals at home..all adopted....If you can help it...get your animals from a shelter...not a store...and if you don't have an animal...get one...I promise your heart will explode and your morning kisses and night time cuddles will change your life.

There are were incredible designers there who are local to Las Vegas and talent from all over. All in all it was a great night.A special thank you to Debbie my fathers girlfriend and friend came to support and even got her make up done! She looked beautiful!! They really did a good job! and my SISTER, who is always so supportive of all I do...she never questions why...or what...she just always shows up...thank you SISTER! and to my hubby took a lot of these pics and also took some video of the runway! Love you honey :o)
More from the show to come! I will upload that video soon!

Hope you are having a beautiful Saturday, wishing my #BRGIRLS #BRTEAMVEGAS #BODYREVISIONBYCLAUDIA luck as they compete in the Las Vegas Classic. My turn will come soon...they all look so beautiful and inspiring. To follow along our Team's journey you can like us on facebook HERE!



  1. You had the best and brightest colored skirt and hat, that's awesome! I also love the orange hat you wore in another look.

  2. I was there that night with my sister and little girl, I had no idea that was you, but you I did see you down the runway with the pups! It was a great event! If we didn't already have 3 as well, we would have adopted Primadona, the red haired Datsun! My daughter was in love with the whole show.
    We have a fashion blog as well, here in Vegas!


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