Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A Day Date

If you have been following my blog or any other social media you know I have basically changed the way I live...eat...and all of the above. I will say it has put a small cramp...{haha notice I used the word cramp...since it really isn't that bad...} in our date nights...a couple of weeks ago we tried to have a date night...you can read more about that HERE...but our puppy decided that he would have his own date night with the hospital. So last weekend I said...SCREW The night...who needs Date NIGHT when we are all free and energetic during the day? I mean really...I think somewhere in between turning 30 and realizing that 8 hours of sleep is nearly impossible....date NIGHTS just seem like a distant memory..and we don't even have kids! 
Anyway..here we are... thanks to Marshalls and the #ProjectFAB team for sending us a Gift Certificate to one of our favorite restaurants...now if you follow other gorgeous ladies...which you should by the way...I will leave some links below to their blogs as well...you will see they probably chosea restaurant with lots of savory..sweet...and alcoholic beverage serving restaurants...but being that I am 2 weeks away from walking in a bikini on stage I couldn't exactly do that...haha and don't think for a second I didn't want to. I chose Greens & Proteins...This place is awesome..and CLEAN...and here we are DATE DAY starring Me and my hubby...haha Do you see our excitement....haha I was starving..

I woke up that morning freezing...so I went to town and layered and layered...I also was trying to see how I could wear my new "I couldn't pass these up, totally stalked them for two weeks, super sexy yet comfy over the knee boots" With all my layers I was nice cozy..and SWEATING...it was like 75 degrees...and sunny...haha 
and there I am again...staring at my hubby appreciating the pics but wanting very much to order food... 
 The manager was awesome and was excited I was finally using my gift card...haha I frequent this place a lot...
 Thank you Marshalls...BEST Channukah Gift EVER.... 

 They have all kinds of great things on the menu..smoothies...protein pancakes...and a Build Your Own Section where you can choose your protein...your starch or grain...and your veggie...
I love that I can see them cooking and steaming...I also always let them know the measurement of the food I need...They steam their veggies..no butter or oil and the chicken and grilled turkey are done a grill that has no oils or butter...Steamed rice or sweet potato mash...and watching them prep your food also helps in the TRUST factor...
Now if you know me...and know me well...I am a HOT SAUCE...SALSA...Jalepeno...Must carry emergency packets with me at all times kind of gal...and this place is stocked with CHALULA packets and Tabasco packets.... I KNOW!
The food is served quickly...since most of us who are on a clean eating...every three hours kinda diet can't wait more than 15 minutes for their food! 
I ordered 4 ounces of sweet potato, 4 ounces of grilled turkey, and a cup of asparagus...I usually only have 6 spears but these spears are a 1/3 of the size I get at Costco so I thought it was ok... haha

The hubby ordered 6 ounces of sweet potato and a Bison wheat wrap and a pickle....what you don't see is he proceeded to smother his food in packets of salt...since they don't use any in their cooking...though since my pallet has changed I swear everything is already salty....
We sat outside since I was wearing ALL my clothes...and we chatted about how our home was becoming a home and how we were so thankful to have our Sampson back with us healthy and happy... We realized quickly that we needed to spend more time together...and a DAY DATE was perfect...neither of us were falling asleep...sorta haha and we still had the rest of the day to hang...we went over to Starbucks for some coffee and spent BLACKFRIDAY shopping for stuff for our home....and yes...we stopped at Marshalls..realizing that they didn't have a BLACKFRIDAY deal...since it was always a deal and also realizing that that is where we typically get our home stuff anyway so who needs BLACKFRIDAY haha

Thank you again Marshalls for making our #DAYDATE amazing...we still have some left on our gift card so we will be going back again...

Here are a few of the #ProjectFAB bloggers! I am still meeting more and will share them!

Here is my latest VLOG where we visited Greens and Proteins and Marshalls and more!
This post was sponsored by Marshalls. Thank you for supporting my sponsors who support me and my little blog/eating habits :O).



  1. I love the shoes. And now I'm extremely hungry.

  2. Yayy! So glad you finally got to go on your date! I went on mine two Saturdays ago, it was lovely, but cold. Ha ha

  3. Nothing like being able to eat out and have healthy options at your finger tips..btw you look too cute in those glasses...and your skin is just flawless!

  4. woohoo! it's right by my house on the west side! I'll def be stopping by since I am on a new path to healthiness!

  5. Ok, this place sounds right up my alley! I wish we had one nearby...


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