Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Finish Line....my brain on Bikini Competition #TheBoudoirBodyChallenge

12 WEEKS have gone by and here I am..still alive
Time really does pass anyway
Regret is the only feeling you don't want to feel at the end of the line
Food is FUEL...but you still crave the things you love...i.e. bread, wine, and cheese
Most days do NOT go as planned
Failure happens more often than not
Decide to take this journey with your best friends, and if you can talk one of them into competing well...you hit the jackpot
Prep your food on Sunday...EVERY SUNDAY. You and your family will thank you. Make extra for them too
Learn to shop in bulk. You will save hundreds of dollars and time...and the food at Costco and Trader Joes taste better then the grocery store...promise.
Buy organic when you can...but let's face it. I ain't got $8 for an avacodo...do what you can
Learn to LOVE tea...and you will...then BUY every FLAVOR even if it is $11 haha
Waking up the next day with a clear mind and new outlook is MANDATORY
Somewhere in week 6 you realize a change needs to happen mentally for a change in your body
TRUST your coach or doubt and fear settle in quick
Share the journey with your family and friends even if they don't understand or agree with you
Learn what spices you love. Then buy them fresh and use them on EVERYTHING
Our taste buds change as we feed our body differently. Discovering the sweetness in bland things is amazing
Life has a way of testing us through journeys like this....try to dig deep and realize that it's ok..you must still take care of YOU
Forgetting what you did 1 minute after you do it. is NORMAL
Selfish is often a word used when training for a competition or just a healthy life...but those who call you selfish are those who are not healthy or happy...thus not really taking care of themselves or anyone else efficiently
Bikini's are made to bring out the best in you. SAID NO ONE EVER
Some may think scheduling a competition or DIET plan during Thanksgiving and Christmas is a HORRIBLE idea...and well they were right haha
But maybe we are on to something...becuase I was so on point during the holidays, I feel better then ever and guess what...PIE, TURKEY, and all the fixings are still available...so I guess I didn't miss anything
Stop trying to fit into what everyone else is wearing or doing and find what is best for you
Don't lose who you are through the process
Say THANK YOU to all around you...you never know their struggle
DON'T skip a vitamin or supplement. and if your coach tells you to take it. TAKE IT
When a negative thought enters your mind, take the thought, and tell it to take a hike. YOU GOT THIS
Comparing is HUMAN.But you are SUPER HUMAN. NO ONE can be YOU...
Anytime you see yourself comparing to others through a similar journey remember YOU are the only one that knows your journey and how far you have come...
SHAVING AND TANNING are the worst part of the competition prep
BOOK a photo shoot half way through your journey so you can SEE how far you have come...
I HATE rhinestones....but make sure your suit is covered in them :O)
When getting your bikini, BRING a friend who will tell it like it is...it's not time to be nice...we need perfection!
Find a suit maker who will spend time with you and your booty...literally haha
PRACTICE posing in front of the mirror and take pictures.
CLOSE your eyes, HIT your pose and open them to see if you are in the pose you want to be in.
Book make up and hair if you are competing, I am really good at it, but at 4am on the day of, let the experts make you fabulous so you can enjoy the ride.
Choosing your bracelet for the stage seems more daunting then actually being on stage
Realizing you get to drink a glass of wine and eat WHATEVER you want in less then 5 days feels like you are going to Disneyland...but BETTER
Be a part of a CHALLENGE...or GROUP like Haute Shots #TheBoudoirBodyChallenge
Support from friends, strangers or anyone in between...is invaluable...
I couldn't have done this without them...and even more so...my partner and my love....my hubby.
HE has been my strength and without him I would not even have chosen this path...and while this challenge is coming to an end...the path has plenty more stops.

See you at the Finish Line

If you want to check out the beginning of this journey you can read all about it HERE!
I started Vlogging on the first day of the challenge and you can check out my youtube channel HERE!

Here is my newest VLOG and message to all my #BBC FAM



  1. You look amazing! Congratulations for completing this impressive journey.

  2. Wow! Congratulations! Sounds like a tough but amazing journey!


  3. You look absolutely AMAZING!! I don't comment much on the blog but I was inclined to give credit where credit is due. You certainly motivate me! Great job, hard work pays off!

  4. You look absolutely fabulous... good job and good luck in the competition!

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