Friday, February 14, 2014

Confessions of a Boudoir Spokesmodel: Love Letters...

Funny how Valentines Day is such a holiday that can either make you feel loved...or bring you down...It's a time to that as most of us know was created by our lovely card makers and love letter creators Hallmark...I was never one to LOVE Valentines mom always spoiled us with Valentines...little bears and candy hearts...she was from such thing as Valentines Day...and boy did she love it! I guess I always associated it with having someone intimate to love and well since I didn't I made it a point to revolt. I wore all black and I got a new piercing every single year...I know...very dark haha am somewhere in between...and being a spokesmodel for Haute Shots one would think I would have lingerie already picked out for our romantic evening haha well I don't and both of us are exhausted and the hubby has to needless to say I won't be spending the evening with my love...but thats ok...we can always plan something for tomorrow... 

I think for now I will write my hubby a love letter...I can't remember the last time I did that and I am sure it involved an email address... What are you guys doing for Valentines Day? Is it something that you guys plan out or is is just another day?

A special Congrats to Stacie Frazier of Haute Shots for being featured in the Las Vegas Weekly! So proud of her...not only is she changing the lives of many women..I know sounds crazy right? Boudoir...changing lives...but she is changing the face of Boudoir!
If you are ever planning on a boudoir session make a trip to Vegas and get behind Stacie's Camera...  like most of the women who strip in front of her camera you will be a changed women...Guaranteed! Read some of the interviews with some of her clients and see through the eyes of Haute Shots! 
See the cover and read more about it HERE!

Also, if you are a photographer and you will be here for WPPI then come join us for our

Sexy Soirée Boudoir Posing Class & Guided Shootout
Learn how to:
  • Go from drab to fab with every pose you direct your clients into.
  • Create variety from each and every pose. Less work for you (& your client)!
  • Maximize your sales with images your clients will love.
  • Make your poses more believable.
  • Make your clients FEEL sexy and help guide her towards that without being unprofessionally sexual.
  • Shoot for what men find sexy in women by implementing styling know-how as well as posing and expression techniques.
Sexy, stylized and guided shootout in a glamorous location. Several lighting set-ups and models.
We will also be unveiling a product demo that will blow your minds. This is not to be missed!
Sunday, March 2, 2014
Tickets have already begun selling and there are limited spots available, so get your ticket soon or you may miss out on the fun!

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