Thursday, February 13, 2014

Let It Go

Outfitl Details
My pants are by the Balance collection for Marika.
Shoes are Nike
Top is Kyodan and bracelets are BCBG Generation
Workout clothes are from Marshalls! Thank you to Marshalls for providing us with some of our favorite workout pieces...and helping us with our new years resolutions...time to find peace and try new things!

So for my birthday last month I wanted to get my friends together for a quick photoshoot up by Red Rock...not everyone could come but Edwina and Faith were there and we did a quick stretch...busted out some vintage YOGA books, and decided that jumping in the air was way more fun than sitting on the in Vegas means that in January you can wear sleeveless shirts and practice Yoga outside...I know we are spoiled and part of my resolutions this year was to enjoy the outdoors just a little bit felt good to be laugh with close friends and to let go of all the things that may be setting me back... These past few weeks have been extremely hard on me...I'm not really sure's kind of a whole mix of things...I am a little sad...a little tired and a little confused...but I know one thing...I am grateful and blessed in this life...this moment will pass but it is so important to take a moment and LET IT ALL GO...

Have you guys been trying anything new? Resolutions being done?  Thanks for the responses yesterday to me selling some of my stuff I think with all the emails I am going to go ahead and do it and maybe check out Poshmark? You guys had mentioned it so we shall see!!!

Some of these items were sponsored by Marshalls and my affiliation with the #projectFAB team! A thank you for supporting me and my sponsors! My newest Vlog!


  1. What an awesome photo shoot. Looks like you all had fun. Your hubby takes some great pictures!

  2. What a wonderful way to spend your special day - and great photos with some fantastic friends. I hope you are enjoying this Thankful Thursday and will accept this nomination of a Liebster Award -

  3. What an awesome setting for a photo shoot! You all so fantastic!!

  4. You girls look so cute in these photos! Love this post

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