Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kim K Starter Kit

Outfit Details
Tank: c/o Marshalls
Free People Skirt: c/o Marshalls Similar Skirt
Wedges: Marshalls SimilarWedges
Rebekkah Minkoff Bag: Hautelook
BCBG Bracelet: Marshalls 

You will not often see me in mini skirts or outfits where I really show much skin...ok other than my boudoir photos haha BUT REALLY...I work really hard in the gym and eat clean, but I have never been one to dress too provocatively on a daily basis... The thing is...I just was never that confident in my own skin...don't get me wrong...I like to think I am confident but only recently have I really embraced my shape...my curves...my days where I don't "feel it" I know this may sound a little cliche but there is a reason I shop at Marshalls...ok there are many reasons why I shop there but one of the main reasons is I find myself very confident there...from the moment you walk in you feel a sense of excitement...haha really...then you start to recognize certain designers...really amazing designers...

You rush to the item and quickly check the price to find out that it is more than half the price of what it originally was...sometimes you find out it is even more discounted than you thought and you grab it and THROW IT IN THE CART...you start creating outfits in your head and thinking about all of the places you will wear it...if you are with a friend you find it even more of a rush as you both are rushing through the aisles to see what else you can find...SHOES...BAGS....ACCESSORIES....PERFUME...MAKE UP...POLISH...

THEN...THEN you make it to the dressing room...the lighting is just right and the wall rack is set up so you can actually see all of the pieces you have chosen...you begin trying them on and immediately you are presented with 3 different views of the outfit...yep...and then you are strutting up and down the runway of the dressing room...haha ok is that just me? I SWEAR something comes over me and I am immediately CONFIDENT that I can pull whatever I have on off...I mean...it's a designer item that is HALF the cost of what some other gal got AND you can make it your own by pairing it with items you found from other designers...It is MY CREATION.. and I GOT IT AT A BETTER PRICE...haha SO TAKE THAT!

When I grabbed this skirt I wasn't sure...I mean...it looked like it would hug my body and my stomach would be showing...but my friend Edwina cheered me on she told me it was a KIM KARDASHIAN STARTER KIT haha and voila...I got so many compliments on this skirt all weekend and let me tell you...for $34.99 I was happy to wear it over and over and over again! 

If you haven't seen this experience of shopping then you can check it our HERE!!! I promise you...there is not better feeling in the world then to know you have the confidence to rock something you never thought you would even try on!!! 

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THE RUNWAY is ours and we are more than confident to strut! 



  1. Hey sexy lady, we are wearing the same shoes - check today's blog post.

  2. Looking good girlie! Love the skirt!


  3. I can't believe you bought that skirt for $34!! I saw it at Macy's (or Bloomingdales...can't remember) for WAY more than that. I almost bought it, but it sold out in my size :(

    You look beautiful, by the way! Crop tops look amazing on you. They're my favorite for the Summer heat :)

    Hope you're doing well! Sorry I haven't commented in a while...I try to comment as much on everyone's blogs but it's hard. I still think you're super awesome, though!

    xo Azu

  4. The skirt is bangin'! Show that skin - you look amazing!


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