Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The Weekend Pant and a Mothers Day Giveaway!

Outfit Details
Tank: c/o Marshalls
Sports Bra: Marshalls
The Weekend Pant: c/o Long Elegent Legs
BCBG Bracelet: Marshalls
BCBG Wedge Heels: Marshalls
Kate Spade Sunnies: Thrifted Savers

First of all...I am about 5'7 1/2 and I LOVE me some heels...I have always been one of the taller girls and combining the two you will always find that most of my pants are cropped...and not always on purpose. I have LONG arms...and long legs...and lets face it...most clothing out there isn't meant for us BIG girls..haha WELL When Long Elegent Legs contacted me I kind of chuckled...like wait...there are places that make extra long pants that are cute? Seriously? I went on over to their site and found suits...dresses...blouses...made for women who are tall? I immediately thought of my friend Edwina...she always has the hardest time, she is even taller than I am and would LOVE this store...I mean key pieces that actually FIT! Anyway I chose the Weekend pant because I figured I could really use them for everything. What you don't see is I actually folded the pants because they were TOO LONG?  I KNOW! I was actually excited!!! I LOVE how they fit and I can not wait to wear these things everywhere...they are light and perfect for summer and I can actually wear these babies to work! SO...if you have long limbs or are looking for extra length for those 6 inch heels...check these guys out...I am sure they will have something for you. I kind of want to try their yoga pants...can you imagine...LONG yoga pants that aren't flooding over your tennis shoes? 

SO...now for something special...Long Elegent Legs wants to offer my readers a chance to win some prizes and no...you don't have to be TALL haha So read below...SUPER easy just leave a comment below and you are entered!!! LOVE You guys...and I know my momma would be so excited to hear about all the fashion she has inspired upon me...her knack for adding pops of color to her wardrobe..always keeping it fresh and adding touches of vintage...MY mom was a true fashionista and thrifting diva. I actually love this time of year...celebrating all that our mothers do. 
Long Elegant Legs Giveaway 

All you need to do is let me know why your mom is great! 
Simply leave a comment below describing the best fashion lesson your mother taught you, or any other nugget of advice that has stuck with you over the years.
LEL will be reading through all the entries and picking three winners at random, announcing the results this coming Mother’s Day (May 11). They will reach out to the lucky winners shortly afterwards to arrange delivery of your canvas and choice of gift, so do stay tuned and very best of luck to you all!
*There are no shipping charges or any other fees associated with this giveaway. It really is a ‘giveaway’ in the truest sense of the word, in honor of hard working moms everywhere :)
** Entries close at 5PM EST on Mother’s Day, May 11.



  1. "God never gives you more than you can handle, never, ever give up! You are stronger than you think!"

  2. Can I list the advice my mother gave me that I LOVE to abuse? Sorry Mom, but when I'm going to a concert, I just might wear a black bra with a white shirt. It's kind of rock and roll. No stripes with polka dots? Cover your eyes Mom because that polka dot bralette looks adorable with my striped high waisted mini. If navy blue and black together is wrong, then I don't want to be right! Never wear sneakers with a cocktail dress? Okay, I might have ignored this one for Homecoming 2006 but Mom made sense with this one... and NEVER let your thong peak out the top of your pants. Ever. Sisqo may have led me astray in middle school but a quick snap of elastic reminded me how right Mom can be.

    Happy Mothers Day all!

  3. Wow...my mom came here from the Caribbean islands in 1967 with only $27 and completely earned the American dream. My mom has taught me plenty and I wished I had listen to all her advice. (She was usually right with everything and it used to kill me). But now, I appreciate her more than ever. Well she always told me to be myself and always standout from a crowd...I can hear her saying it now in her heavy accent, "My Nina, don't worry about what others doing. Stand up tall and lead!" Also she would always say save for a rainy day....luckily she has always been there to catch each time I fall...even as an adult. So I have learned to put my ego aside in my thirties, and embrace some old school ways...and each time I followed the island accent in my head, I always ended up a winner!

  4. My moms best advice was be yourself. She is an avid thrifter and loves fashion. I was always a bit different in many ways but the confidence instilled in me by my mother has helped me be a better person and take risks with fashion. Fashion is such an expression of who we are so we should have fun with it. I love looking back at old pics of my mom when she used to get all dressed up even if she had nowhere to go.

  5. I was so excited to see this give away and then I saw the details.My Mom died when I was 13 and she was 33.She loved Elvis and to laugh.She left this earth way too soon.

  6. My mom was never really into fashion... but what has stuck with me is, "just because it's your size doesn't mean you should wear it."

  7. "Mom, does this look good?!" "Well... you should probably put spanx on." Story. Of. My. Life. My mother has a strong opinion about a lot of my clothing and tastes, but she ALWAYS tells me I could use some "foundation." My grandmother was the same. No matter how smooth, small or tamed... Spanx is the name of the game lol. =/ On another note, my mother is my biggest supporter. I love her to the moon and back, I stood by her through her toughest moments in life and would do it a million times more, simply because she's been the best to me.

  8. Well being a tall woman of 5' 10 3/4", my mother's best fashion advice to me was to stand up straight and not slouch, be proud of being tall! It was a little rough growing up and being the tallest girl at school and taller than a lot of the boys, I tended to try and look shorter by leaning and slouching (finding pants that were long enough was the hardest part, I wound up wearing men's 501's in my twenties for the length). But my mother and my grandmother pointed it out to me all the time how awful it looked to slouch and I listened. They both said I should be proud of my height and stand up straight and wear heels if I wanted to. After all, what's another few inches when your taller than everyone anyway : ) Now I love being tall it makes me feel powerful and self confident.

  9. To always try your best at everything you do.

  10. My mom always told me to live every moment of my life as if it was my last.

  11. I dont know of this count/is valid.
    I'm from a family of a single dad,but my dad took his time show me how to sew, taught me how to thrift,and survive over all in life.
    Fashion lesson, he always encougre us to dress the way we want,which im thankful for cause i dresses oddly in my youth and my dad was there to remind,me 'asfasj them' his words, and i'm glad and he was right, Im happy in my past i did what i want,rather than dress the trend, looking back

  12. The best fashion advice I got from my mom was to maintain good posture!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  13. My mom told me if you wear heels you better be able to walk in them, no clomping around or scooting in them.

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  15. my mom taught me to wear clothes that properly fit me!! she also taught me a cute trendy simple style
    achadwick22 at yahoo dot com

  16. My mom taught me to moisturize often, and I'm so glad she did!


  17. I'm so happy with my dress, it's just perfect. The perfect dress for a perfect occasion, I can't wait to use it. Many thanks to the designer. I will be looking really beautiful.

  18. My mother had no fashion sense so I never went to her for advice but my older sister had a job and always bought the newest fashions and I always borrowed her clothes usually without asking. As a matter of fact I still borrow clothes from her only now I ask.

  19. My mom always said dress for you no one else. Whatever makes you feel good rock it

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