Friday, August 29, 2014

A Miami state of mind...

Outfit Details
Miami Cape Cover Up: Designed by Wanda Potter of VegasCouture
Free People Shorts:Marshalls
Heels: Zara
Coach Sunnies:c/o Marshalls

Sorry for the crazy amount of pictures but I am just in LOVE with this Cape and so proud of my hubby for some impromptu pictures by the beach! If you follow along on my Youtube Channel then you know who Wanda Potter is of Vegas Couture! She started a Facebook page! Go give her a like so you can keep up on what I will be doing with her! and show her some love!! An incredible designer based in Las Vegas and now a very good friend and mentor, Wanda designs from the heart and I swear her pieces bring me life...I am working closely with her on a few projects and I CAN NOT wait to share them with you. Until then I will share some of her designs. 
This cape in particular reminded me of being in Miami. I remember the cool air, the sound of music constantly playing outside, the sun beating down and the sexy ladies strutting their stuff down the Broadway. I swear everyone looked dressed up even in their swimsuit. Like as if any moment they were going to be asked to do a photoshoot! Hey, Maybe that is something...haha NEVER leave house unless you look effortlessly photo shoot ready! I was returning our rent a car when I jumped out and put this cape on...I had no make up and we had just walked a couple of miles. But this Cape made me feel and look like I was READY. 
Stay tuned for some exciting news and a new series on my THRIFTERS ANONYMOUS Channel! Until then Don't forget to check out my latest trip to Marshalls with Mel Brown owner of PIBA!


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