Friday, August 14, 2015

Rocksbox in my mailbox

So by now you have probably heard me talking about RocksBox whether it has been on my Youtube or Instagram or the blog...They contacted me about...well a while ago... I would rather not say since it has been so freaking long..for Rocksbox if you are reading I am sorry and I suck at timeliness lately haha BUT on the upside I finally OPENED the darn box and discovered what this Jewelry phenomenon was all about.
I will be honest, I am not one for subscriptions...but I do love me some mail...I don't spend a lot on jewelry and most of my jewelry is either from my mom, grandma, Ross/TJ Maxx, or the thrift store.  

Look at that, they even know my name! So basically here is how it works.. 

1. You take a quiz...just like many where they ask you questions based on your style...helps them identify what kind of style you have to identify what kind of jewelry you like..
2. Rocksbox send you 3 pieces to wear on loan...key word LOAN...they are not yours even if you secretly want to keep them...haha Where the piece as long as you want...
3. Return the pieces anytime you want to get 3 new pieces...

It is $19 a month for the subscription...and I am thinking I will try one more go around. I so appreciate them sending me this as I wouldn't have done it on my own... If you guys want to try it for yourself you can get one month free with the code they gave me for your guys...if you do sign up then they will give me some funds to towards my jewelry and then you can do the same...

One Free Month with Code: shanabff18

They come in these little baggy's and I must say they are really nice pieces...they didn't feel cheap and were sterling silver or at least I think they were...either way here are the 3 I got below..

Wanderlust + Co Multi-Stud Silver Bangle

 Lotus Jewelry Studio Petal Necklace in Sterling Silver
 Sophie Harper PavĂ© Ball Studs in Silver

At first I wasn't exactly thrilled...they are totally not what I would have picked out...but I thought hey they sent me this to try so I will TRY. So I did... I usually gravitate towards gold...but I was kinda digging the silver... 

I will say this bracelet was adorable but I must have stabbed myself like 5 times and Edwina at least once with it....I won't be buying it..but it looks awesome.

the necklace seemed to go with everything...who would have thought!

The earrings are also really subtle and just enough sparkle for me when I feel like being understated.... thoughts are...THIS is such a fun idea and really helped me think about accessories more since I often will fall in love with them and never wear's not for everyone but hey it's fun! I am a thrifter at heart so maybe this is the best way to get my hands on designer jewels! 

Can't wait to share my next box and let me know if you want me to film the next one!! xoxo also make sure to share with me as I would love to see what you got!
You can find me on Instagram at @shanaemily_ or Facebook at @Colorblindblog Twitter @Shanaemily 

love you guys!
special thank you to +Stacie Frazier  for snapping these shots! for a full outfit post on this look you can check out my last blog post HERE!


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