Thursday, August 13, 2015

Kim K Starter Kit

All photos taken by the lovely +Stacie Frazier  of Haute Shots Boudoir Photography
Outfit Details
Ronny Kobo Dress: Marshalls (Similar Dress in Red)
Coach Metallic Leather Turnlock Clutch : Gifted by my sister!! here is on sale! (Same Clutch)
Zara Caged Heels: Zara 
Wanderlust + Co Multi-Stud Silver Bangle: RocksBox 
Lotus Jewelry Studio Petal Necklace in Sterling Silver: RocksBox
Sophie Harper Pavé Ball Studs in Silver: RocksBox
USE CODE shanabff18 for one Free Month of Rocksbox! I am working on a review of this!

You are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about when I say Kim K started kit unless you follow my youtube channel and come thrifting with us. I was on the hunt for a sexy black dress for an event I was going to work...sadly it didn't happen but I did end up with this dress. Marshals is my GO TO when I need that special something. If you haven't been then you probably don't know what I mean, but basically my mom my sister and I always used to go there if we had somewhere to be..designer clothes for my kind of thrifty prices. I spotted two of these dresses hanging one was large and one was small. I grabbed the large and looking at it on my I should have grabbed the small..notice the gathering in the front and on the sides ahh well..I might have a friend who could rock this...hint hint.. anyway back to the dress...its by Ronny Kobo who I had remembered hearing about I quickly did a search on my phone inside Marshalls and 
bam...almost every pic was Kim Kardashian 
apparently she is a fan
am I hitting the Kim K pose?
I can see hugged my booty just right and made me feel all kinds of sexy...It was almost $200 off the original price and I grabbed it and ran...I love it when that happens... I am not sure where I will wear it I ended up wearing it to a date night with my hubby and my girl Edwina., that video will be up soon on my Youtube channel! 
until then here is a quick behind the scenes of my shoot with +Stacie Frazier and a quick grocery shopping at Sprouts! and stay tuned I will talk more about these Rocksbox pieces!

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  1. Shana, you are beautiful! I'm sure you know that! I have been following you blog for a bit, and want to give you some I hope you will get as positive feedback! Focus! Decide what your strong suit is and go there. Forget the other stuff! You clearly have changed your life as well as your eating and lifestyle so make that a focus! Dress for your body girl! Not for everyone else's! This is big you are so fit and so pretty, but you are dressing like girls who have boy bodies and it doesn't accentuate your body! I get that everyone and there uncle now has a blog, but make yours special, and unique, and make some money from it! It's awesome that you thrift, but you won't get paid from that! At least not much, as folks can't go into a goodwill and say give me what Shana wore! Know your strengths stick with the nutrition body building and build a brand around that! I promise you success, your blog is super cute, but not refined enough! So go get it! I know you can!

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