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1stPhorm #TEAMLetEmHaveIt 8 Week Challenge

THIS is YOUR world. SHAPE it or someone else WILL.

I love this mug and I love this quote. It wasn't until I started putting in the work for what I wanted that I saw all of my dreams really come true. Don't get me wrong..it has been difficult and sometimes I fail...ok I FAIL a lot. But what is very different is that the FAIL feels so amazing because I am working towards what I LOVE and WANT in life. THAT is the difference. 

SO 1stPhorm is still on the #TRANSPHORMATION challenge and there are thousands who have joined. It is not too late, I REPEAT not too late to join!!!! VISIT www.mytransphormationstartstoday.com and REGISTER! You can be a part of my team by adding me as your trainer by using my email dhnshana@aol.com. NOW you do not have to join the 1stphorm challenge to be a part of my private FACEBOOK group #TEAMLetemHaveIt You can email me your email if you are interested or ask to join by using this link HERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShanaEmily/

But I have a soft spot for my TEAM...WE are in it for the long haul..not 30 days...not 90 days.. we have been going strong since January. We have all had struggles and success and we have been there for eachother through this whole process! These women AND men are amazing!

I mean I even made us a logo and team tanks mugs and sweatshirts...haha you can find them HERE

With the sun peeking through the clouds and photoshoots, concerts, and projects coming up for me I decided I needed to re-set my goals! SO TIME for a CHALLENGE! I like challenges, and dates, and goals and all those things. They get me in a good place to focus! 

I will take you guys along as I gear up for the end of these 8 weeks, remember it isn't the END it is just a goal date and then we will re-set again!

I will share what I am eating! I will share my meal plan for the day and week and also share it on my YOUTUBE channel I have a #MEALPREPSUNDAY Playlist you can go to as well as recipes! But ask me any questions here!

New recipes, I am also excited to share some recipes I will be trying from Emily Frisella who has created awesome recipes using protein and clean eats! She is on Youtube now and I would definitely go check her out! I love her personality she keeps it real and that is what we are all about here...THIS IS REAL life...We are not 100% ALL THE TIME...and we are REAL women with other priorities other then mealprepping and selfies...haha though we like them haha 
Anyway here she is!

I know adorable right...and look at this recipe!!

HER website is filled with great recipes! 

What I am looking like each week!

I USED TO HATE progress pictures so I just didn't take them...but when I signed up to compete I HAD to send them to my coach once every week. What it did was make me more present with my body..the reality but also the love that I was gowing towards it..yes I was frustrated at times...believe me..NOT an ounce was lost for 4 weeks at one point..but the changes I saw were amazing...SO you don't have to broadcast this on the internet I already made that choice a long time ago...but do it for yourself...hide them away so that you can SEE the difference. I promise you the SCALE is not going to be your friend or tell you how your Quad seperation is doing or you glute hamstring tie in has transformed...the lines on your stomach or the cap on your shoulder...and if someone has this scale..SEND IT TO ME PLEASE. 

My daily split (Workouts)

My plans, daily success and struggles!

What motivates me...i.e new BOUGIE leggings from 1stPhorm

I know some of you are confused about what to eat and how to incorporate supplements into your meal plan. I will go into that as well!
Thank you to all who have supported me! You can visit ShanaEmily.1stphorm.com for all 1stphorm supplements and apparel, you will get free shipping here in the US and you will also support me in the process!!! Don't hesitate to ask me a question on anything!

You guys also asked about BLISS. I have it and I have started using it yesterday and will share my thoughts on it and you can see it in action! the only way for me to share something is for me to ACTUALLY use it...when I share something it is because I ACTUALLY use it and believe in it...for reals for reals...so ASK AWAY!https://shanaemily.1stphorm.com/shop/bliss/dp/1750

that goes the same for PROTEIN!!! WHY and HOW to use it to SUPPLEMENT your plan!!

SO WHO is with me? Let's FEEL good this summer...and LET EVERYONE HAVE it in the process!!!! Next post will be my MEAL PLAN!

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