Tuesday, May 09, 2017

I broke my promise....

 Top:  c/o  Tobi.com;
 ,Jeggings: American Eagle ( I LOVE these) ,Vintage Dooney Bucket Bag: Ebay
Heels: Marshalls, Watch: c/o  Jord, Lippie: Lipsense in Blu Red ( I have 2 available right now email me if you are interested!) colorblindblog@gmail.com

I know I am like a perpetual broken record.
You know what is even funnier haha most of you will not know what a record is BAHAHA
I have literally gone through 3 laptops in 3 years
3 cameras
and a whole lot of sleepless nights
doing what I love
But I have yet to find that balance remember that thing I said I was on a mission for?
Yeah still lookin. I also said I would blog more and snap pics of my outfits until I realized that I just hate dressing up and taking pictures in the winter.
I am a summer girl...a suns out birds chirping DRY HEAT Las Vegas Loving I don't care if it is 110 degrees I AM HAPPY girl
I wear lipstick, I wear white I manicure my nails (which by the way was another mission my sister and I are on) Not into the fake nail situation especially since my Mfactor goddess multi vitamin has literally changed my life... GO GET YOU SOME NOW HERE 
Anyway this long winded sentence was me trying to say that I miss blogging. NOT VLOGGING in case you think I mess up when I type that haha VLOGGING means VIDEO LOGGING for the youngins haha on the Youtubes...
But writing...you know I never thought of myself as some sort of writer or literary genius over here I just needed a way to express myself and when I had stopped dancing I felt like I was in a dark hole! I NEED to express myself or I will lose my mind which is probably why I coined the term project hoarder haha anyway I am going to work on posting 3 times week to this here blog and for all of you 3 friends who are reading this I'm gonna need you to hold me to it k? like seriously leave a comment where you tell me that this is what I want. Speaking of what we want isn't it crazy that WE know what we want...WE know how to get it...YET we still don't do what needs to be done sometimes? Why is that? Someone please explain.

Ok I leave you with these four thoughts on this lovely Transformation Tuesday in the #HASHTAG world.

1. Wear WHITE as much as you can...it makes you happy I am in love with anything boho and loose at the moment and this top from Tobi.com is my perfect go to lately so get used to seeing it cuz I have already worn it like 4 times this past week haha OH and it is ON SALE for $27 from $54
2. NEVER buy jeans again. Jeggings are the only way to go I promise they are life changing
3. This lipstick has changed my life or at least my thrifting & fitness life...it never goes away, it doesn't rubb off on all the clothes I try on & I love this color!
4. Make sure you do something for you each day that brings joy and makes you smile

Catch you guys in my next post! which will be this week! cuz I just made that promise! haha love you guys miss you guys and a new vlog will be up as well! Yippeeee!!!

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  1. I am speechless here. In white you are looking stunning. White is always perfect for the summers. As a fashion designer I suggest you to carry something designer and trendy clutch bags.

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