Wednesday, October 25, 2017

OUR BIG ANNOUNCEMENT | We are going to be onTV! | #ShanaandEdwina

 Hi friends! WOW. I know It has been a long time but for good reason. I have had to take a small break from posting on my youtube as well as my blog well because we have a really big announcement. AND when I say we I mean EDWINA and I! If you haven't already seen our Announcement video then you don't know!! I'll let you take a look below and watch it ...its only 3 min!


I am so excited to announce FINALLY why all my weekends have been booked and why I am "so busy"👯 Edwina Registre and I could not wait to share this big news! We are officially part of the SEASON 11 Storage Wars on A&E cast premiering 
9pm & 9:30pm pst.

A&E & the #StorageWarsFamily have welcomed Edwina and I with open arms and we felt like we belonged from the very first shenanigan! Growing up we didn't have much but always found a way to give back to our community and cherish the little things. Our appreciation for vintage and history will ring true in this season along with our LOVE for #twinsie and Sequin and anything Shenanigan!
Announcing this makes us both emotional as it hasn't been an easy road. We both have careers that we take very seriously and work so hard to be the best brokers we can be to help educate and advocate on behalf of our clients here in Nevada and across the United states! Long hours of editing I learned the ins and outs of editing software let me tell you! More stories to come but until then THANK YOU all for your love and support as we spread the love around the world!! #DREAMBIG #NEVERSETTLE
What we need now is for all of you to head on over to A&E facebook page and leave a comment you will see tons of other comments and likes there too! 
Share the OFFICIAL PROMO HERE  & make sure to tag us @ShanaandEdwinaThriftersAnonymous on Facebook and @TAAPPROVEDTWEET on Twitter! 

Storage Wars onA&E FACEBOOK Page:

Our dream of not only searching for treasures but traveling the world for knick knacks bric a bracs and vintage has come true! Don't worry we keep our #twinsie Shenanigans going & cannot wait to share it with you! 

BEHIND the scenes will be on our ThriftersAnonymous Youtube CHANNEL & don't worry. 👯will still bring you the same Come thrifting with us but with a twist!!!!

When you FOLLOW them on Facebook and Twitter let them know you are part of the ThriftesAnonymous family and share your excitement with our hashtags!! #TAAPPROVED #ThriftersUnite

Instagram: @TAAPPROVED
Facebook: ShanaandEdwinaThriftersAnonymous

Shana & Edwina


  1. congrats!! How exciting. I will certainly be watching.

  2. Worst addition to the show...EVER!

  3. Worst addition to the show...EVER!

  4. Worst addition to the show...EVER!

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  6. Wow! This idea is genius! How it’s even possible that I never heard about this before! I will definitely watch all the episodes at this weekend. Idea is good, but you girls are even better than that. Don’t think that this idea could be successful without you two! I hope it’s will be so interesting as you described here. After I sneak peeked in the video you placed here, I feel myself even more impatient!

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