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One Room Challenge: WEEK 1 Guest Participant


Welcome to my very FIRST One Room Challenge makeover! I am actually still wondering why the heck I thought that this would be a perfect idea while juggling all of the things I am juggling at the moment. But we will leave those things for another post. Until then let me explain how this started quickly...I found out I was pregnancy in January with our second baby and I was so excited I immediately started planning our home. As I was scrolling pinterest I found a few blogs that inspired me for nursery's and then I moved on to home offices and found myself looking at One Room Challenge participants...had no idea what this was. Similar to my ThriftersAnonymous Link up The One Room Challenge (ORC) is a biannual design event that brings designers from all of the world together and guest participants to transform a room in 8 weeks and share the whole process from beginning to end! What I loved about this was that it wasn't a competition and you really didn't even have to be a designer to participate. 


2021 Spring One Room Challenge 

See I have no problem being inspired or knowing what I love, but I DO have a problem finishing a ROOM..most of the time it is TIME, but truth be told I just can not make my mind and then life gets in the way and partially done. So here we go. I did have to change my original plan of a nursery since sadly we lost our baby in I quickly changed it to our OFFICE/Guest Bedroom/Sewing Room!

I know haha its a lot and wait till you see the room it is so small haha but hey it works. I have never done this before but I knew that I wanted to make this room functional and I already had quite a few pieces that I wanted to use. My GOAL is to SHOP my home and really keep this true to my style and hubbys style and upcycle pieces as well. 

Right now this room as been a catch all for my finds, a make shift office and get away haha IT WAS a guest bedroom previously but we mainly only have in laws stay in this room so we decided we need to better use the space. We have a pretty large home over 3,000 square feet but needed this space as we would like to try for a baby again. 

I am going to NEED your help in deciding details but I wanted to share what my mood boards yes it is plural cuz it keeps changing will give you an idea and I really wanted to share it so I can start getting the creativity flowing! So are you ready? 

Our office make over will be a mix of Vintage eclectic global pieces! I want it to be moody and really inspire us. My hubby just shakes his head since well haha he doesn't get it but he gets me so we are pushing forward! I will be including this AMAZING piece I found on Facebook Marketplace. If you follow me on Instagram I will be sharing it in stories and you can learn all about this couch haha anyway the floral and interesting designs are bit feminine but I plan to really bring in some masculine elements to mix in. I don't know how to make a mood board so I really didn't know what I was doing haha and I am sure it will change like a million times...but here it is haha

So I do want to share my previous mood boards because I LOVE what I came up with but it was centered around this sleeper couch I was obsessed with. I just wasn't obsessed with the $5,000 price tag. I didn't want to spend the kind of money it was going to cost me for the sleeper couch I truly wanted. We are also doing our backyard more on that in my stories later in the that really got me to think about all of the items we currently have in our house that I could use in our office...items I have been waiting to find a home for or re purpose. I am a thrifter I mean I can do this haha I knew I wanted to go bold and really take a risk in this space since it was small and could be closed haha I am NOT inspired by NO color I mean it looks nice and serene but for me it DOES NOTHING. So I am about to go nuts 

$1500 budget, SHOP my home and really get creative! 

So that’s when an alert on facebook marketplace popped up and I saw this vintage SLEEPER SOFA for $100 that was the exact measurement I needed for this small space. I won't discuss the previous sleeper sofa I had just bought thinking it would work and I would dress it up or paint it haha This sofa in person is so beautiful made with a delicate material and almost like new! it has a beautiful  boho design reminding me of my mom's flower shop growing up.  I knew I wanted to build a custom book shelf unit in the room and paint it blue and this couch was perfect. I am still torn on colors for the walls but I definitely want to try wainscoting so we will see. 

Here are some of my previous mood boards!


The FINE I won't spend $5,000 what about this kind sorta same Sleeper couch on facebook marketplace for $150 ? Mood Board

So as you can see I am all over the place. But one thing is for sure...I am going to explore mixing patterns, I am going to make this room functional and I am going to try new things! 

I am excited to go on this journey with all of you guys over the next 8 weeks. I know it will be amazing and we have some really fun things planned for this room ! I have some fun chairs I am going to try and re upholster, I am going to paint a few pieces custom and I am going to try WALLPAPER for the first time. I am in LOVE with Milton & King CRANES but I am ordering some samples so we will see!!! Help me choose in a few weeks! 

Life is throwing me for a loop at the moment so I apologize for the late post but here we go! 

See you next Thursday! 

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