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One Room Challenge WEEK 2: Inspiration meets Reality, To build a built in


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Hi friends~! Welcome back...see I told you I was going to do this! We are in the thick of WEEK 2 of the One Room Challenge & it has been a tough week. It has been so inspiring watching all the other participants!!

Just to fill you in briefly and for those who have followed me on here and my youtube...our Sampson 13 1/2 year old lab is not doing well. It was Mother's Day this past weekend and I we almost had to say goodbye to him...I re-scheduled it 3 times & needless to say I am a mess along with the room for this challenge. Special thank you to my hubby who has been so amazing through this. If you know me you know my animals are like my oxygen, my relief...but I know that he is hanging on for me...will keep you all posted but we are loving on him as much as we can!

SO. This past week despite all that is going on...WE ARE GETTING A LOT DONE! But first. Here is a BEFORE of the state of our old Guest Bedroom.../ just put it in the front room room haha It has been a dumping stating this past 6 months and I can't wait to fix that! 

As you can see the room is not very big. It is average size with a closet and private hallway to the bathroom..which I hope to revamp soon as well! We added wood flooring about 5 years ago the hubby wanted this dark color...but since this was his office I just let him do what he wanted! I actually have grown to love it..and if you know me I like everything that ISN'T on trend and that is fine by me! 


The hubby doesn't know but this CEILING fan HAS GOT TO go so I will be replacing it with the sputnik light from West Elm in my MoodBoard that is currently upstairs! Re-Purpose CHECK! As you can see there is a closet there and I have some major plans fort that as well! but today we are going to focus on the other side of the room! 

So now for the FIRST big project in this room. See this window? So I envision built ins surrounding it. To give you an idea it is best to show you some of my inspiration pictures I found so you can visualize!

So this was one of my favorites to visualize. and while I would LOVE a window seat there just isn't enough room in this room for all I want to do in here haha So the Vintage English Desk I picked up at our favorite antique store Not Just Antiques here in town where our Storage Wars goodies lived will go in front of the window...I have a fun video I filmed of me finding it make sure you are following me on Instagram there will be a highlight of it on my stories and on each side will be the built ins to hold all of our antiques, collectibles & pieces from our travels! Our collection of books will be included but I think I am going to carry it along the top as well like the built ins below from Plank & Pillow...and they don't know it but I am using their DIY to create it!!! You will have to check it out very helpful haha

If you follow me on Instagram I am posting to my stories and highlights my travels and the process so check it out! The hubby and I went to Peterman Lumber to pick up some wood. I had never been there and OH MY GOODNESS. Did you know how many types of wood there is? I mean seriously. Also...did you know that there is a HUGE shortage of wood right now? Stuck on ships they are were literally out! and why didn't we go to Home Depot or Lowes? Well we wanted to use a Baltic Burch for this piece and they don't have it! 

They didn't have the longer sheets so I believe these were the 5X5's and ummm They were $43 a PIECE! To put it into perspective this time last year they were like $24 we got 5 sheets for a total of $233. I still think this will be cheaper than hiring someone but we will see how the hubby and I work out haha I am HORRIBLE when it comes to calculating bad but he is AMAZING so together we make a great team haha mostly him doing the calculating and me saying I want this and I want that 

We decided to wait to come back for the rest of the room ideas I have and focus on this one project. So it was time to load the wood..and as you can see it almost didn't fit! 

We made it work! 

We didn't care too much about the color since I will be painting this built issue is I can not decide on the freaking color...and I am also torn because I want to pain the room this color as well like really moody...but it is so small with one window...So here is where I really need your help friends!! 
THIS is my Sleeper Couch that Purchased on Facebook Marketplace for $100 almost new from the 70's haha I LOVE IT...

So this couch will sit on the wall to the left of the window side. I was so inspired by the CLARE paint samples and colors I ordered a bunch! Not sponsored just thought it was so cool and loved the idea that the samples then peel and stick on your wall! 

I grabbed a few others for some projects I am doing but umm haha the blue hue haha so many...Some are pulling a little too green and some even purple...
So yeah...I am torn. I like the darker blues but not too dark...and not too light...The one that I am liking is this one called HYPERLINK a rich, royal blue. So head over to my instagram today if you can and VOTE in my stories or send me some haha I am open to all ideas and would love any and all advice and inspo! 

Ok friends! That is all for this week! So much will be getting done this week and this weekend so make sure you are following me on Instagram and HELP a girl out!! till next week! 




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