Monday, July 19, 2021

UN-OFFICIAL One Room Challenge: WEEK 1 Zev's Boho Bungalo

Hi friends! Well if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I am working on another UNOFFICIAL Room in our home and if you guessed ZEV'S CONDO YOU WERE RIGHT! haha It started off as a kitchen I was gonna paint from Ikea to a full blow CONDO filled with Vintage from my childhood, thrifted items and inspiration! If you watch my Youtube Channel ThriftersAnonymous , you would have seen Edwina and I thrifting weekly and I swear I find something for "Zookie's Condo" EVERY SINGLE WEEK. haha 

Since this is an UNOFFICIAL One room Challenge meaning ORC or Better Homes and Gardens are not having one right now I just decided I was going to give myself a deadline and continue on with my home! If you missed my FIRST OFFICIAL One Room Challenge you can check out the REVEAL HERE. I am still working on the video and finishing it up but MAN was I proud of myself and so inspired. I knew I had it in me I just needed to set a deadline. So for this challenge I am going to give myself 5 weeks to finish it. I think that is plenty of time to complete some of the projects I have in mind as well as bring the whole living room in and give it a face lift. 

For now you see my inspiration and Mood Board above! I plan on painting the kitchen and fridge and updating the hardware and staining the wood! Here are some of my inspiration pics! 
Source: Gilded Hearth
This kitchen had my name on it! I LOVE the idea of a backsplash and painting the bottom section! The plants love it all! 
I LOVED the BOHO feel to this one and especially loved the baskets. I have some from my mom's flower shop as well as some I have collected in my thrift travels!  
The basket the copper obsessed! This one gives me that vintage vibe! 
Love the terra cotta love the shelving next to it! 
So you guys get the gist. This was the start of the inspiration! Then my brain went nutso and I wanted to really create Zev's Kitchen /Condo! Excited to get this going! Will snap some before pics and what I will begin first next week!! 
His kitchen condo will go in our living room so I want it to be cohesive without doing a whole remodel at this point. Here are some fun inspiration pics for the living room keeping that BOHO vintage vibe and throwing in some MORROCAN flair! 
Source: daily-dream-decor-

THIS room looks like my living room but complete! I hope to take some of the pops from this room and bring some greenery, I have a few plants already but excited to bring more! Oh and THAT LAMP though ugh!

Source: iamfy
This is a bit more busy than I want to go but I LOVE some of the elements and the overall vibe...Hoping to bring in some more color and again the plants and art! 

FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for some behind the scenes and I will need your help on deciding a few key things like paint, rug, etc etc! and that tiger throw is everything! 


Shana Emily




  1. These are very great ideas.... i am more of a vintage vibe girl.

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  2. Such an cute and militaristic look, I've a small apartment and I am planning to implement some of these looks in my room.

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