Saturday, May 14, 2022

WEEK 6: Built In Hack progress, Fabric for victorian couches and chairs, & My TO DO LIST!

Hi Friends and fellow One Room Challengers. This update is gonna be short. Life has once again thrown some wrenches in my plans haha but it is ok. I am making the best of it and enjoying this time to play with so many ideas. The built in hack is coming along. My hubby almost scrapped this idea to just build it from scratch but we just literally don't have time to do it so I came up with this design! haha I kind of like it . Obviously we need to keep building it up to the wall but I basically took 2 Havstas and 4 Billy bookases. I am also going to add doors to the billy bookcases and some hardware. I have been eying these for so long I might just bite the bullet. What do you guys think?

 The fabric I really wanted was out of stock , the second one I wanted wasn't available until June...So I went to and ended up ordering the Indigo velvet for the couches. I am so happy with it...I think it will look really nice and for $7.88 a yard it was a steal and came here in 4 days!

Lastly the material I wanted for the rams head chairs was also backordered. I ended up ordering the tiger fabric but may have to use it for something else since it is only a small amount. I ran to Calico Corners one of the few fabric stores left here in Vegas and while it was so expensive and limited I managed to find 10 years ON SALE from $79 a yard to $5.99 ! It is an orange color which I am actually really excited about...I found an abstract patterned velvet to go with and the women there literally managed to scrounge up the scraps that were left! 3 yards.. I literally BARELY go enough! We will see how it turns out! 

Lastly, I put my order in for the wallpaper so stay tuned for the ones I chose but I am now trying to decide on the paint. I know I told you I was behind! I will make a list of items I need to still do believe me I am not sure how this is going to come together! Painting swatches this weekend and will share them next week but you can check out my instagram for more! 


  1. Finish Building Built Ins
  2. Purchase lighting for dining area, built ins, and art
  3. Picture molding for mural and molding for built ins
  4. Paint built ins /walls/front door
  5. Paint needlpoint art/abstract art/special art project
  6. Strip and Stain my grandmas tigers wood dresser
  7. Hang up the wallpaper
  8. Purchase Rug for Adult lounge
  9. Purchase Game Console ( Purchasing tonight)
  10. Curtains ( Make) Curtain Rods
  11. Ottoman or coffee table ( Thrift or Make) 

Ok I need to go to bed, not sure how or when but this will come together something about seeing how things unfold always seems to give me my answers...I am excited to see how this turns out! haha till next week! 
Special thank you to the One Room Challenge and Apartment Therapy. I NEED this now more than ever. I feel like every time I do one of these I am going through something pretty emotional. Will share more but until then! I NEED your help on Instagram! See you there! 




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