Saturday, May 21, 2022

WEEK 7 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE: Painting a portrait, lighting for a dining room , Facebook Marketplace find & More

Well. It is Week 7 and I must say haha while there has been progress I literally have nothing to show you that is finished. It is 10:13 pm on Saturday and I can barely keep my eye open!  This painting should have been started like a month ago instead I am using acryclic paint BAD "IDEA to paint a needle point BAD idea and I am doing it at like 9pm at night haha I HAVE no idea what I am doing and I am praying I can salvage it...but here it is. A few items have arrived like my sconce options for the built ins both of which I had to get on Amazon because A. I didn't want to spend like $500 on a sconce, and B I needed it in like a day haha I really am not sure just yet on which one head on to my stories to take a look at my options Sunday! 

I have like 10 paint options that I can't make a decision on but I think I know what my gut is telling me...and I need to just do it. 

Found this end table on Facebook Marketplace and has the original wood chess pieces! 

Finally made it to get the crown molding and picture frame molding so that is done

AND my favorite piece that inspired this all arrived! Though slightly damaged I am just happy it is here and it works! 

Lastly , well not lastly haha but next on my decision list is a new chandelier. This one was gifted to us by our neighbors it is from Pottery Barn and I actually really like it I just think we need something a bit more modern since I am keeping the traditional dining table. 

Though I must say I HAD NOT IDEA chandeliers were so expensive haha Every one I love is like $2k so yeah.not happening. Below are 2 options I like the cloud one intrigues me...the other looks really good with the wallpaper....thoughts? 


Ok well there is so much more. but I will keep it for my Instagram cuz I will be updating all week! Time to crunch down,.. Can't wait for my wallpaper to get here! Till next week! 


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