Tuesday, May 31, 2022

WEEK 8: Why is it so hard to make a decision? Paint color, new chandelier, and progress on the built-ins


HI! Well It was week 8...I can't quite share just yet but it has been a crazy couple of months but this project has been a labor of love and so emotional. I didn't do any fancy reveal but I went over to our Re-upholsterer to pick up my nana's couches and wow. I started to cry...it was bittersweet and a new life. If you remember I couldn't find fabric that I wanted and the ones I wanted were almost $80 a yard and I needed like 30 yards so yeah...not happening. While I wanted a slightly more teal color this blue has stolen my heart. She is so beautiful and I am just in love!!! Do you guys remember the BEFORE?

I did choose the sconces for the built ins! These were giving me the light I needed plus the 70's vibe was going perfectly with the hotel regency vibe I was feeling for this! I have been playing with colors for the built ins and I am torn but will get to that lets talk about the lighting. 

I shared some lighting inspo in the last post and even did a poll on Instagram! then...THEN I was scrolling through the Memoral day sales and this beauty popped up. 

IT is from Z Gallery a place I rarely find myself looking...it had that wow ...70's vibe but still looked modern. I AM IN LOVE and no one can tell me differently. THAT is how I know I really love something. When I am so confident that when someone tells me know I KNOW it will look amazing. though I loved the other options this one just spoke to me..so I bought it. ON SALE thang goodness!

My painting. Well.. I have learned a lot. Acrylic paint without water sucks. IT is also really hard and dries super fast for someone who has no idea how to paint. A few online courses or even a video would have helped but oh well. The colors were also really hard to duplicate. BUT I have found serenity in painting this women. Every day just a little bit more. The more I step back the more I see my future haha those are TAROT cards she is holding.It is coming along and I hope to finish it by the end of the week. 

BACK to the built ins! The hubby is amazing. And while he is still mad that I got IKEA furniture as it just isn't up to the quality we want he made it work and custom built the upper portions and it looks beautiful! Zevy helped! 

I had bought him a table saw for his birthday and between that and my Miter Saw we are almost builders haha 

So the paint colors. Well A lot is being guided by the mural I decided on. APPARENTLY Blue is my neutral cuz that is all I see EVER. I chose a beautiful blue by Benjamin Moore it is the second one down from the one I chose in the office. I know HUGE stretch haha We will wait for the reveal to show it I am painting this Thursday! I do however kind of want to go ROGUE and paint the built ins something TOTALLY different. But I am torn....So I might take this to INSTAGRAM cuz I have 1 day! 

Along with some LIFE stuff we also shot one of our second to last scenes in our fist feature film! Hopefully I will have some huge progress photos and a final reveal when the wallpaper goes up! Can't wait to share that in the next post coming very soon! Oh and once again I am filming this to share on Youtube one day..when I finally can edit my where have I been video that has taken me 6 months to edit. I know...ugh..well go check out all of the incredible reveals on the ORC blog and come back here to see the progress still so much to finish!!


xoxo, Shana 


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  1. Hey girl this looks AMAZING!! I can’t believe how different your couch looks. My much better with Zev too. This is Michele Dickey. I couldnt sign in for some reason. It all looks incredible and that painting !!! The painting is so incredible. Can not wait to see it all finished.


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