Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pop of color x2

Shirt:Thrifted, Cardigan:NY&Co(Thrifted SAVERS , Pants: Banana Republic(Thrifted SAVERS ), Shoes: BCBG, Purse: Mom's, Belt: Thrifted SAVERS
I'm loving this color lately. It is starting to get a little warmer in Vegas but it is still chilly. I showed up to work in what I thought was such a a"unique color" and my good friend Edwina, who I will be featuring in a future blog about how color changed her life, showed up with this great Kenneth Cole dress we picked up at the thrift store for $10!!! As you can see it is the same "unique color" Doesn't she look fabulous! I loved how she added the belt! That was another part of her transformation, and we all know how much I like belts haha anyway, stay tuned to her before and after...Coming Soon!


  1. Hi Shana! You both look gorgeous in that color. LOVE the POP! Reminded me of a new fave product, the Skinny Shirt...have you seen this? You could work wonders with it! It was created by a fashion forward mom who loves the layered look but hates bulk. The final design came from a former designer at Michael Kors.

    Anyhow - your blog is SO inspiring and entertaining! LOOOOve it!

    xoxoxox - Shari

  2. Thanks so much for the "follow"!
    I love that orange color and think it's great that you guys were (semi)twinsies for the day.

    Looking forward to your life changing color post!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  3. Shari! Thanks and no I have never heard of that shirt? I'm having fun with fashion again, so I'm hopefully going to post more as time goes glad you love, I love doing it and knowing I have inspired someone else is a bonus!

  4. Molly, you are welcome, life changing post coming up!

  5. Although I am a work in progress, I have transitioned from being 100%color blind (only wearing grey, black, brown) to now 20% (still learning fun color combos and taking risks). My transformation to color would not have happened without you. Thank you for forever changing my swagger to display the grown, sexy, fashionable woman that I always wanted to be.


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