Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm a trendsetter...

Outfit Details
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or at least the fashionistas who are part of Mode Republic think so!!

Back in June I got an email congratulating me for being the trendsetter of the month...yikes!!!!!

umm I am totally beyond excited..humbled...and wondering why my eye looks lazy in the photograph ? haha only me...

I mean I may or may not be slightly embarrassed since I am far from some of the beauties from across the world who are featured in the Mode Republic Magazine...

Go here to read my interview with the editor...and leave some love on their page...
I heart Mode Republic



  1. Shana! You are famous! xox!

  2. that is AWESOME and so well deserved!

  3. CONGRATS! Don't be so hard on yourself ;) You ARE pretty. I'm sure every girl featured on Mode Republic is thinking that about herself. Except the ones that are full of themselves. HAHAHA...I kid :) I don't think I've ever met a blogger on here that was "full of it." That would be lame-o.

    So let's talk fashion. Love your top. I agree with MR that you're a trend setter. I think they should have mentioned somewhere that your hair is super awesome :) Hair is a HUGE part of making an outfit look good.

    Work it gurrrrrllll!

  4. Congrats! That's very exciting for you. The cover looks beautiful and your outfit is adorable.
    Way to show the world that thrifted style can be amazing (is that thrifted? I can never tell with the clothes you pick, lol).

    Jess. :)

  5. Why u little diva! That is so dope Shana! Ima go read it right now.

  6. YEAH! You totally deserve it! So glad that you were picked, especially since you represent that fashion doesn't have to cost a fortune to be fabulous!



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