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Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! Goodwill, Ashburn Virginia Edition

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week goes to Sarah  from 
Get Up & Go
Heart Necklace & Jacket
Heart Necklace $3
First of all, for those of you who don't know..Sarah is one of my best friends....I have known her now for almost 16 years. We first met in college...and have been causing ruckus ever since...Sarah is also almost always the first person to link up to Thrifters Anonymous every week...I don't get to see her very often so this bloggy business has made it so fun..cuz I can see what's goin on in her life and feel like we only live down the street...not to mention that she is rockin all of her thrifted finds and really exploring her fashion!!! When I saw this Tahari jacket I really knew it would fit her perfectly...and when she spotted this necklace I was so excited!!! Sarah...You look've got all the FALL must haves...including the rich plum sexy...isn't her hair amazing? haha THANK YOU Sarah for being my biggest fan...cuz I am definitely yours...I am so glad we get to share our lives...and hopefully one day our preggo bellys haha LOVE YOU!!! and keep it up sexy mama!

and for those of you who don't read her blog...well...get your lazy butt over to get up and go...and start moving! Sarah shares some secrets to getting that sexy bod...healthy eating..and music that will give you that get up and go...she inspires me everyday...and I am so happy to share her with all of you!
If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week then you must go back here and check it out...

Now on to our Second half of my trip to Washington DC (Ashburn Virginia)! Sarah took us to our last and final stop, GOODWILL...we were super excited to find some of our Fall must haves...I probably went a little crazy but I definitely crossed of some of my wants off of my list! I didn't take a picture of everything..but I will be styling them soon so stay tuned!

The place was pretty big and really well organized. That's my cart about 15min in...ughh

Leslie has the perfect size feet...they fit into everything...NOT FAIR...

Sarah is really good about inspecting clothes...making sure there aren't any stains or tears...

We also checked out the men's section..I have been on the hunt for some suspenders and leather jackets..

Leslie was really excited haha

Looking back I kinda wish I had gotten this hat...ah well...

Susie found some great leather jackets!!

LOVE yellow

This blouse was gorgeous...really old too...

I fell in love with this one...loved the sweetheart collar...

This was one of my favorite finds...Aztec dress...probably from the 80's..

This jacket actually belonged to a suit...loved the color...didn't get it though..

This dress was definitely vintage...not great in the photo...can not wait to wear this one...

Loved this jacket!

I was on the hunt for red and when I found this jacket I was really excited...loved the gold buttons too!

Susie also found some great skirts..

Peach is pretty

Seriously..if I wasn't traveling I would have this in my closet now...haha

This purse was sooo cute...but I had made a decision that I had too many I gave it to Susie :O)

This poor Goodwill'er took the wrath of our dirty looks after realizing that there were no coupons...obviously prices were reasonable...but when you are used to paying $1.50 $8 just seems like a lot right?

Thank You SARAH for such an amazing Thrifting day...I miss your face...and I can't wait for next time!

Don't forget to check out Emery and all of the Fall Fashionista's HERE!

Now it is your turn!
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  1. First of all this the best Monday ever! I'm a proud thirfter and have now been recognized by my peers....hahha. Didn't that sound so official. Haha.

    Second of all I am in love with that aztec dress and the green dress. When you get tired of wearing them can we make them into the sisterhood of traveling dresses?

    Third, I really am addicted to thrifting....I need a 12 step program.

    Get Up & Go

  2. Is this because I finally learned how to use the linky properly? HAHAHA

  3. Seriously, I've got the warm fuzzies just thinking about how fun this day was. Ok, I might have overstepped the commenting boundaries.....


    I am your BIGGEST fan....but not in the creepy Kathy Bates way from the movie Misery...


  4. I love the plaid shirt with the peter pan collar. I found one in the same print last week with a white collar and tie. Of course it was way too small...I bought it anyways and plan on using it as a dress for my daughter. Yours is adorable.

  5. So many great finds. Love that purse to. Cannot wait to see the green dress in a post. It is such a beautiful color.


  6. it's always so fun to see your thrift store photo journey, so exciting! We don't have big thrift stores here so it's really exciting to "shop" with my eyes online. Thank you for hosting!


  7. Work it, work it!! I LOVE thrifting, and you ladies found some great finds!

  8. That green dress you tried is my favorite color. Seriously. I love your actual outfit the best though. Especially with the necklace. Takes it to a whole new level.

  9. Hi!
    I've just came up to you blog... probably you are interested in my $100 giftcard giveaway :)


  10. What great finds, can't wait to see you styling some of your pieces! Our Goodwill NEVER has sales or coupons :(

  11. You ladies found some GREAT pieces!! I tried linking up to join in the fun, but I must have pressed something wrong! Help!!

  12. I LOVE your blog and live in the VA. area, I'm wondering which store did you all visit (address)?

  13. Awww look at Sarah. I lovey her bloggy, she is so fit and funny and fine. That's so cool that you 2 have been friends for so long. I love watching your thrifting adventures!

  14. Very chic! I especially can't wait to see that gorgeous green number again!


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