Monday, July 16, 2012

Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! SAVERS GIVEAWAY Announcement!

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week goes to LeTroy
A Thriftanista in the City

That...was THIS...

from Goodwill.
ENOUGH SAID. This is amazing...and I will be doing this to one of my jumpsuits...I have like 3!!! haha You look so sexy..chic...and thrifted...which is so appropriate for today's Thrifters Anonymous!!!!STAY TUNED for a GIVEAWAY for all of you Thrifters Anonymous Members July 23, 2012...cuz next weeks link up is going to be a little different...

Anyone who links up to Thrifters Anonymous next week will get a chance to WIN a Gift Certificate to SAVERS!!! I KNOW!! I am so excited to be able to be working with SAVERS give back to all of you! (We will make special arrangements to those who do not have a Savers, I promise!). SOOO get your thrifting on this week and get ready to link up your favorite thrifted find next Monday, July 23, 2012 for a chance to win!!!I will remind you all week as I share some pics and video from our VIP Party! I want to see some of your favorites, most coveted finds..those pieces that you just can't believe you found at a thrift store! Don't forget to grab a link and share it with everyone, cuz you will want their votes...I will explain more on next weeks post!

If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous member of the week click HERE You can also see what what P.E. and I wore all week on the Thrifters Anonymous You Tube Channel! 
You can also follow me along my health and fitness journey on my new channel ColorblindFitness!

Until, then, and until I can actually edit our video here are some more of our hits and misses and all of the above!
American Eagle Boyfriend Jeans and Grey Skinnies!
Vintage Blush Maxi...loved this one...IMG_7234

Joes Jeans Skinnies!
Vintage Leather shorts..I roled them up...I will most likely cut them!!!IMG_7237
Tie Die!
Vintage Peplum Sequins!
Can't wait to see your finds next week!!!! 
Thank you all for linking up!!!
 Now it is you turn!
 If you have a thrifted item, a sale item, or something you can help others save money or time on from this past week, Link up to Thrifters Anonymous every MONDAY and you will have a chance to be featured! Let's be real folks...who doesn't want to see what others are doing to save money, or even how they are letting their creativity amaze us. Oh and not to mention that it's just a cool club and there are no rules, so I won't punish you if you don't want to post my button...I mean it is anonymous right? Thank you and see you every Monday!

Hi, My Name is {Your Name HERE} I am addicted to Thrifting!
Thrifters Anonymous
Here is how it works...

  • In the "Link it to" section, leave a link to one specific Thrifters Anonymous post from the past week or week prior...doesn't matter...

  • In the "Title" section, tell me what was thrifted cuz you were super excited about your outfit or new couch . An example would be "Thrifted Belt, handmade skirt, & shoes on sale!

  • That's all...and there is no judgement here...everything is worthy...and believe me once you link up you are officially a Thrifters Anonymous Member...FOR EVA..ha ha ok..or as long as I am doing this madness..

  • If you miss the link up or do not have a blog Link up to my facebook and share! I would love to see your finds and meet you!
  • You can also check out my Youtube channel for Hauls, stylings, and more!


  1. Linked up girl!! Love this!!

  2. Linking up can be done by clicking CLICK HERE TO ENTER above..the giveaway will be next week! You can link up a picture, if you don't have a blog you can link up on my facebook! More info and rules for the giveaway next week!!!

  3. Letroy looks amazing. She did a fantastic job in recreating the jumpsuit.


  4. This is my first time linking up! Thank you so much for hosting! We love thrift stores so this is right up our alley!

  5. Hi, My name is Sweets and Iam Official part of thrifting Anonymous... Thanks for having Link-Up

  6. Hey Shana,

    I am new to blogging, but have been following you for a while now! I gotta say you have inspired me to explore my local antique and thrift stores ... which by the way is really good for my medical student budget. :p

    And oh ... keep up the good work with your fitness challenge! I wish you the very best. :)

    - Happiness Winner

  7. I am seriously MAD right now..I saw a black jumpsuit like Kim K wore at GW and didn't get it because my legs were too long...major flood status when I tried it on. I could have made it into shorts~ genuis~!!!!!


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