Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our New Years Card 2012

Card designed by Jill Means
Ordered from Minted
Pictures were taken by Jamie Rubeis
Incredible service...loved the cards!

well I guess it is for 2013...but it is still 2012..sooo Hi would have been my mothers birthday...and while I sit here and write this I am constantly reminded of how truly inspirational she was and still is even after she is she loved New Years...maybe that is where I get it feels almost like a breathe of fresh air...for me rather...haha seems silly I know....the end of the year...where I get to wear sequins and it doesn't seem out of place..where we get to say all the things we dream of..without judgement...where we get to move past the times where we were not so happy and be grateful for the times that we had with those we lost...hug your family...hug your friends....and in my case....bite my pups ears...more about that in the last post...haha  anyway.... wish for anything your heart mom and dad always told me that if I write down what I want...what I really really want...out of life, love, and all of the above...that I would get I know...I was 6 and I wanted to be famous...a actress...I wanted to perform..ALL THE TIME....and while I may not be on Broadway...and well...famous in my own home...haha...I have learned something....yep...and I will share it....the journey to getting famous...and performing...and dancing..and all of the above...has been amazing....and whether I get to wherever it is I want to go...My new years wish has already come true...

Wishing my mom a happy birthday....and a Happy New Years to all of you friends...and thank you for being part of my journey....have a wonderful weekend and we will see you next year! ok maybe I might see you on Monday for a very special New Years EVE Thrifters Anonymous!!! You guys are gonna help me choose what I wear...that's your hint!


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  1. What a beautiful card, and also nice to see what a beautiful year you had. It is a honor to follow your blog, and your looks are also very inspirational. Thank your for the amazing tips about thrift shopping, I have learn a lot myself. Wishing your mother a wonder bday, and also wishing you all a Prosperous New Year.


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