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Fancy Hats and Sequins: Birthday Extravaganza Take 2

I started off the month not wanting to do anything for my birthday..and with the help of my family and friends I decided to that not only would we be doing something but we would be wearing sequins and hats! Sorry I didn't post this yesterday I was completely exhausted...traveling all day for anyway here we go with a butt load of pictures...I have quite a collection of vintage and new sequins...these are just a few pieces!
IMAG1028 (3)
We started off the night at BRIO AGAIN...haha they have an amazing happy hour though we didn't get to take advantage since it was a Saturday but oh well...Some of my best friends and my sister were there waiting when I got there!!! 
This is dad's girlfriend...and not only is she such an amazing lady...friend...and sweet soul...she always goes all out when I have themes...some of my friends are not as excited about it...her hat...was AMAZING....haha she helped plan my dad's birthday party and always puts so much love into her! and her freaking amazing hat!
IMG_0402 IMG_0401 
Dawnya made a special trip to Savers and she found this red hat....absolutely gorgeous!!! I was so excited when she told me she was driving in from California to see me!!! with this hat!!!!! Love you!!
So excited Gina could make it and don't worry..I had this hat waiting for her since she forgot's vintage and it was my hubby's grandma's pretty Gina!
I was so excited that Kat and Stacie could make it!!! They are the incredibly talent behind Haute Shots , LOVE Stacie's hat and Kat got decked out in sequins and a sexy you ladies!
I was so excited Jennifer and Jessica could be there!!! I have known Jennifer since 7th grade...yep...haha and if you know Jennifer sequins aren't exactly something she sports...I let her borrow one of my favorite finds from Savers and I think she looked beautiful!!! Jessica was one of the first sorority sisters I met in College...we later lived together and became the best of many shenanigans....we all lived together in the shadiest of apartments in Vegas...and the stories could literally be a reality show...or an episode of cops! haha LOVE these ladies!
I was so excited to have P.E. Photographer Extraordinaire and my good friend Tanya...I miss these ladies tremendously...and I had all of them in one room!!!!! So blessed and thankful for these amazing friends!!!
Ruby made it just in time and she went to Savers for the first time to get her hat!!! Go Ruby!!
This is Anastasia and her mini lovely pretty...You might remember her from our dance performance we did....she is the choreographer and the spearhead of a new Dance company called Magical Madness...I am completely honored to be a part...if you want to follow us along our journey you can follow us on Facebook HERE
From left to right, Jolana and my sister who performed at my party! AMAZING!! Meagan and Gina! Love you guys!!
IMG_0415 IMG_0417 IMG_0418
So excited Fallon made it out...not sure why this picture looks like we are moving haha Love you Fallon!

I swear as we get older my sister and I start to look more and more alike! She looked beautiful!IMG_0421This would have been an amazing picture...MINUS the creepy you see it?
IMG_0422 IMG_0423
Another amazing hat!!!
London Mace of Heavy Honey and his beautiful wife made it and my dad enlisted him to sing! that is one thing about my family...if you have any sort of better be ready to perform on the spot! They were amazing!
Jolana and my sister were amazing! haha the glasses perfection!
IMG_0428 IMAG1030 (2) IMAG1032 (2) IMG_0432 IMG_0434 IMG_0437

Well, 45 pictures later..that was my special day....I TOLD YOU I had a need for this vintage sequin dress....haha I told my hubby that when we went to the VIP SAVERS event in THIS post when P.E. and I found our dresses!!!! You can watch the video too!!!

.haha everyone was asking me for pictures and this is all I have...but I wanted to make sure to post..I seriously had an amazing weekend and I thank all of you for the special wishes, amazing gifts, and just being you haha and wearing fancy hats and sequins...haha You know you have true friends when they come to your birthday party every year in a themed outfit...haha 


  1. you looked stunning, that dress was made for you!!!

  2. Hats and sequins, what a great idea! Love your dress and the hat's colour is also gorgeous, pink and turquoise are my favourites! :)

  3. why isn't PE wearing a hat?


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