Thursday, February 07, 2013

Snakeskin made well

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Outfit Details
Sweater: Free PeopleThrifted Savers (During this Thrifters Anonymous Trip)
Booties: Seychelles
Leather Jacket: Thrifted Dress for Success
Necklace: H&M
Ring: F21
Purse: Coach Gifted
Fur Stole: Thrifted Savers

These jeans are amazingly weird and I was so excited to visit my first Madewell.I am a thrifter by heart so I didn't think I would be getting anything though I was inspired by the simple with a twist...anyway the hubby agreed to go with me and I immediately found myself upstairs in the Sale section...everything was an additional 30% which was more my speed and I grabbed these babies and ran to the fitting husband made a weird face and then told me...those are totally you...definitely interesting...haha yes...I love me something interesting...and I loved how they fit too...they have them online right now for sale and they may have an additional sale as we get closer to Spring so look out! So for all those women who love them some Madewell I now know why...hoping to visit another soon...and now I have me some snake printed pants that I will be wearing a lot the rest of this winter and upcoming spring....Do you guys like the whole printed jeans thing? 



  1. I've never been to Madewell :( I actually didn't know they had a store in the U.S...LOL!

    Those jeans do fit you perfectly. I like that they aren't your usual snake print. I think that makes them more wearable.

    And yes, I do love printed jeans!

    xo Azu

  2. I like the colours of the snakeskin jeans.

  3. My gosh, you always find such great pieces on your thrifting adventures. I am going to have to go to some out of the way Savers stores to see if I have better luck. Love the new theme by the way.


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