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Outfit Details
Nike 3D Tank:c/o Zappos
Nike Pro Shorts: c/o Zappos
Nike Favorites Bra: c/o Zappos

For those of you who are new to my blog WELCOME! No I am not Colorblind, but in all senses of the word I was for many years. Whether it is fashion or home decor I found myself choosing the SAFE know...the beiges, blacks, and greys...the stuff that matches everything and gives you no light inside. Inside your mind or in your home! Many years later I started this here blog to wake me up if you will...and voila! I am no longer blind to color but I may be blinding to those on the street! 

There are 3 elements I look for when purchasing workout clothes. 
I secretly also love black and white but for all purposes of this post haha :O)

I am a bargain shopper, thrifter, discount extraordinaire...BUT there are certain things I just can't budge on. Now certain brands make certain things that are incredible. Let's use NIKE for instance...hypothetically speaking...THEY know what they are doing when it comes to sweaty fitness ladies like me...the materials used are not hanging on by 4 threads and the SQUAT test can be done on all of the leggings and pass with flying colors and NO Butt crack visibility. 

Here is where the "bargain shopper, thrifter, discount extraordinaire" gets into trouble. Nike isn't cheap so what is a girl to do. Well with time being of the essence lately and the need for new clothes being of utmost importance (mainly to get me motivated to keep going) I was literally jumping out of my seat when @zappos contacted me to try out their site and their fitness apparel. I had ordered a few pair of tennis shoes in the past but that was my extent to online shopping. Born and raised in Las Vegas I have loved watching Zappos grown and love the core values that they have set forth. The whole WOW concept is something I really believe in." In order to be successful you must differentiate yourself and maybe do something a little unconventional and innovative" I would say that goes for anything in life...but what a great core value! Anyway when it came to ordering online THIS time. THIS time was different.
4 hours later
Perusing over 200 Name Brand Fitness Apparel
32 items in My Favorites
& a lot of decisions to be made
I was sold. and in trouble...haha

After whittling the categories down and reading thousands of reviews on each item and 200 Name Brands. You can shop by brand and then even shop by which sport you plat or the type of clothes you are looking for! I learned more about moisture wicking clothes then I care to admit and apparently I have a love affair with Nike. Can you believe I have never bought anything really from Nike...I don't even own those Pro shorts everyone has!!!
 The sizing charts were on point and I was so confident in my decisions I could barely stand to wait for them to get to my home.

Don't worry. literally 24 HOURS LATER my boxes arrived. ummm are you kidding me? haha THIS my friends could be a real problem. as if shopping for clothes wasn't a problem already. As you can see I basically decided to WEAR ALL OF MY CLOTHES at once cuz I couldn't get over the excitement. Don't get me wrong. I love me some cut up thrifted t-shirts and some leggings that were not meant to be bent over in...but having what I like to think of as luxurious workout clothes for a 1/4 of the price delivered to your door in 24 hours may be priceless. Just ask my hubby it was the happiest I had been all week. My spirits immediately lifted and there I was jumping around in neon and apparently what is my favorite color BLUE. Can you believe everything in my cart was this color? haha All the items had been marked down..and being the savvy thrifter I am I even tried to shop around to see if I could get it cheaper on other sites..
NOPE. oh did I mention FREE SHIPPING?

I have a few more outfits in mind so stay tuned...These clothes are too nice to stay at the gym...I will be bringing them to the street! 

Have you guys shopped at Zappos? Make sure to check them out and let me know what you think!!!


  1. Funny, I had almost the exact same items picked in my last fitness gear wish list post...btw, you can really see the changes in your body now!! You look amazing already! Keep it up!

  2. I've never shopped Zappos but do know they have great items.

  3. I defenitly need some new work out clothes! I will look at zappos! Love your great bright colors! Have a great weekend!

  4. I defenitly need some new work out clothes! I will look at zappos! Love your great bright colors! Have a great weekend!

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