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Introducing Poi of #TeamLetEmHaveIt: 1stphorm #Transphormation Challenge Athlete

It is time for #TransphormationTuesday and time for me to introduce you to another member of the #TeamLetEmHaveIt Team!!!

I want to help as many people as possible with this challenge,I have put together a team to help hold each other accountable!
This challenge is 100% free and there are chances to win money, prizes, and trips all year long.
Take the Challenge with me and accept the CHANGE...we can do it together!
If you want to join the team, contact me for info or go to the site below and invite me to be your coach use this email DHNSHANA@AOL.com !
My Transphormation starts today… Does yours? Lets do this TOGETHER!

To request me as your coach and to be on our TEAM PLEASE USE EMAIL:

Let me introduce you to Poi! This girl...this girl is strong and like a lot of us has struggled with an injury that could have left her defeated...but if you follow her journey you will see she just keeps getting back up! She realizes that this isn't a 12 week transformation or even a 6 month look at me now...this is a way of life for her and each day she reaches a new goal and learns just a little more about herself! Poi wants to be strong and fit...building muscle is the key to her transphormation!! I will stop talking and let her introduce herself! Make sure you show her some love! 

What is your name? Poi Yuk Lee
How old are you? 24
Where are you from? Vancouver BC
When did you start the #transphormaton challenge? January 1, 2016
How much did you weight when you started?  160 lbs
How much do you weigh now? 153.7 lbs

How did you find out about the 1stphorm #Transphormation Challenge?
I've been following 1stphorm for several years now, so naturally through social media I saw their announcements about it.I have discovered my love for working out and lifting heavy back in Dec of 2014, and have been a legionofboomer since. Power lifting was what I leaned towards at the time because I loved how it made me feel strong and powerful, and after just several months I was making amazing progress in both the weight I could lift, and with my body and fitness goals. 

I got injured at work back in April, damaging the cartilage in my dominant wrist while putting up drywall and have since gone through several months of physio therapy and lots of doctor visits. I got upset that after making such amazing progress at the gym, I could barely even pick up a cup of coffee without being in a lot of pain. After months, I felt like maybe I would never get better and that I would have to give up on all those dreams, maybe even my career. Which led to some depression and I no longer cared about what i ate or what my waistline looked like. Now, on the best days, my wrist is at about 85%, and as long as im careful with it, so far I'm able to slowly get back to normal duties at work, and hit the gym with a few modifications to accommodate. I am determined to continue with my dreams and not let it get me down again. 

Fit, Strong, and Muscular is where I want to be, and I am willing to put in the work and determination that those things require. SEXY FOR SUMMER is my goal, haha!!
How did you find me?: Through youtube!
What motivated you to start? I stopped lifting over a year ago because of an injury and recently have been getting back to normal in my abilities. I've also been very unhappy with how my body looks and decided it was time to make this year count. To see what me and my body are capable of!
What was your fear going into the challenge? Failure. Always failure. And that people will see me failing and think little/badly of me... 
How do you think you overcame that fear? By reminding myself that I'm doing this for me.  So first and foremost, I'm failing myself if I give up. But also that I shouldn't always worry about what other people think and that if I can prove to myself that I'm being true and working hard, their opinions won't matter.

Did you think about quitting? All the time. That whole "I'll start tomorrow, or next week, etc' always plays in my mind. And lots of times a week passes before I walk into the gym again. But I'm hard on myself and I get upset when I realize how far I've let myself back slide because it shows in my lifting. And then once again I tell myself to keep going and not eff it this time, haha.
Why didn't you quit? Because I do truly love lifting heavy. And it's not just a hobby, it is part of who I am. I've always been attracted to fitness type activities and this is the one that's stuck with me the longest. Part of me would feel empty if I didn't fill that void. I'm a boring person lol.Work and home is all I usually spend my time with, so gym gives me that fun/physical 'me time!

What would you say you love most about how your life has changed since you started? Definitely my appearance haha! I've been skinny my whole life and since I hit 20 I started putting on weight in unwanted places. I was never happy with that. Plus I feel confident being a muscular woman, which is why I'm going for mass right now as my main goal.

What are you goals for the next 12 weeks? Consistency in diet and lifting.

What does your typical day of eating consist of Give me a breakdown of a full day? Well, right now I'm loving your recipe for protein waffles. So I make a bunch and freeze those. Peanut butter and sliced banana on top for my breakfast, and then if that doesn't tide me over til 10am, I'll have a snack of fruit or a bar or something.  Then 10am is my next meal, 12pm or 1pmfor meal 3, and then I would get home and have meal 4 along with another snack of some kind, either before or after.  My meals are typical prep meals of meat (chicken, steak or ground beef/chicken), rice or sweet potato, and veggies of some kind. I'm also drinking two shakes a day with two scoops of whey in it.

What is your favorite Supplement STACK right now with 1stphorm? Postworkout stack all the way! It's my mandatory workout supplement. Ignition and Phormula 1 (currently vanilla milkshake) taken religiously lol.

Can be found on www.1stphorm.com/ShanaEmily Free Shipping on all supplements and Apparel!

What is your favorite flavor protein? WHAT can you not live without? My favorite so far is Phormula 1 Loop d fruit because frootloops are my favorite cereal. And I still stand by the Postworkout stack, can't live without that.

Can be found on www.1stphorm.com/ShanaEmily Free Shipping on all supplements and Apparel!

What is your favorite go to EAT CLEAN snack? recipe? Hmm...I don't know if I have a favorite. Some days fruit is amazing, other days it's anything peanutbuttery. I'm a woman with strong cravings, let's just say that! Haha!

What does your workout split look like? Mondays and Thursdays are upper body. A fully incorporated super set session that includes all areas (chest, back, shoulders, tri and bi) and I need to get back to my crashfit (legday)classes on Wednesdays.  I just try and get in two leg days wherever it fits into the rest of the week."

How much cardio do you do a day? I don't do cardio a whole lot. Crashfit class is intense cardio. If I do cardio, it would be after a lifting session for about 30minutes.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining the 1stphorm transphormation challenge or just any challenge in general? Advice? Go for it! If it motivates you more, then great. Also know it's not going to be easy, but that's why joining a group with the same goals is a bigger step in the direction you want to take because now u have others to help you. Just know motivation fades, and that's when your challenge really begins.

You started sharing your journey on  Instagram and even in the private FACEBOOK group. how would you say this has helped you through your journey? Instagram is actually like my blog  (plog I like to say...cus it's pictures) and I like the community and friends you can build through that. Motivating each other, sharing and reviewing products, it's very helpful. Our Facebook group is awesome because I think we've gotten closer lately through that. And not all of my Facebook friends care to see update pictures or mealprep, so it gives me a place to be able to show those who are interested.

Lastly, what are you most excited about doing that maybe you would not have done before starting this journey? Well, I tried the Grouse Grind recently  (and almost died lol). I love lifting heavy so every PR I make gets me excited. 

YOU were one of my very first subscribers on my journey on youtube and I still can't believe it has been as long as it has. I forget that we have never met and I don't actually know you in real life haha I have loved watching your journey to becoming a flexing strong kick ass women!! LOOK at you in that picture up there standing next to Ms Olympia!!

PROUD...that is what this whole challenge is about! If anyone things for a second that in 3 months they are going to finally be where they always wanted then they are going about it the wrong way! you have proven that it isn't easy...but getting back up again...having that pep talk with yourself and reminding yourself you are doing this for YOU...is the biggest success!!! 

We are only half way through the year...and you made me promise to keep your promise to yourself! You will not look back and you will keep progressing. I see bulging biceps in your future and inspiring women that strength is the ultimate motivator! Love you girl and thank you for being on my journey with me!!! 

Love Always xoxo,
Shana Emily

INTERESTED in 1stphorm? Have Questions on how to get started? What to start with? Email me and I can help you customize your stack or just share what I am on and what our team is using! EMAIL ME colorblindblog@gmail.com

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Thank you for supporting me!! love you all!

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