Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How to build Muscle with BCAA's & Chocolate Protein Lava Cake #Iam1stphorm

 Hi friends! In case you missed it a new video went up on my Health, fitness, & beauty channel! I was so excited to see that so many of you appreciated my review of  +1st Phorm  BCAA's & what they actually do! Sometimes I think we get all caught up on the lingo or just plain copy people we see in social media not really knowing why we use certain products etc! So for the first 5 minutes of the video I go into WHAT are BCAA's & why we use them! I also go into why 1stphorm is one of the purest forms and elimates all the fillers and added sugars that a lot of these companies include!

VISIT www.1stphorm.com/ShanaEmily to get your hands on it! Lemonade is by fat my favorite as well as fruit punch! FREE shipping through my link as well as 110% guarantee money back email me if you would like to try a sample if I have any!! colorblindblog@gmail.com

You can watch the video HERE: https://youtu.be/cJD-CPBTOww

Also sharing one of my favorite meals haha yep a piece of grilled chicken usually marinated in the Soy Vay teryaki, a slice of Daiya cheese and small corn tortillas topped with pico! LOVE!
My dinner go to lately has been a GIGANTIC salad with grilled chicken. The reason for this is because I LOVE CARBS & I usually like to eat them up during the day! ESPECIALLY before my workouts & my phorumula 1 & ignition right after my workouts and those have carbs!
This salad has some green olives, artichokes, hearts of palm SOO GOOD!
My workouts are getting stronger and I am starting to see my body lean out just a little bit... haha but THANKFULLY my booty gainz are still there...haha I have never been so proud to have a big butt!!
Usually on hamstring and glute days I will actually start with the hamstring curl...my hamstrings are sooo strong now ridiculous!

If you watch the vid you will see I did a drop set and mini lifts that basically had me fall out!

I also did a leg press again focusing on the glutes, tons of lunges  & Much more you can see the full workout in my video!

Lastly I attempted one of +Emily Frisella TV  recipes & while I didn't have all of the ingredients the beauty of her recipes are that they are SIMPLE! & if you have tried 1stphorm Level 1 chocolate peanuyt butter cup you will know it is the best baking protein EVER...This turned out delicious!

This Milk coconut milk is actually amazing!!
 Mix up the dry and wet ingredients, SO SIMPLE!

 I didn't use applesauce since I didn't have any but I had some Daiya yogurt on hand!!!
 Microwave for like 1 minute I think or 2 and VOILA!!


Hope you enjoy! See you in my next post or video!!

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