Thursday, June 10, 2021

One Room Challenge Week 6: The right shade of blue

We've made it to week six of the One Room Challenge and I'm soo excited to start to see some actual changes happening in the space. I made a decision to ask for help & it was probably the best decision I have made yet haha My dad called in reinforcements and we hired a professional painter and dry wall expert to come in and remove the texture from the walls and prep to paint the room! Yep...So here I am waiting on the closet portion to install the wallpaper. if you read last weeks will have to wait until next week to see which one I decided to go with and install!This week I am sharing my obsession with blue and how I never knew blue paint could evoke so many emotions and be so drastically different. 

I knew I wanted to room to be blue..I have lived in a beige home for 15 years and I AM OVER IT. I AM NOT BEIGE and I wanted to evoke a calmness and warmth. Comforting and moody. I also knew I wanted to play with molding & paintings that will really pop off of the walls. I KNOW. 

"Shana, it is a small room with one are going to create a black hole" ..hmm well maybe I want to create a black hole...haha a place I can sneak away and disappear and dream up all of the creepy weird ideas that come into my brain! The images I was pinning were all this navy blue...some lighter than others...but all blue. I had discovered a few paint brands like CLARE that I was playing around with and 3 colors from Benjamin Moore See below! 

I also painted the wood for the built ins with some primer and the 5 Benjamin Moore colors to move it around the room to see how it did with different time, night time, fluorescent etc. It was crazy how it changed! If you follow my Instagram stories then thank you so much for all of the votes on colors and advice I have loved hearing everyone's thoughts! The votes were almost split with slightly more for an all white room...Yeah if you couldn't tell by my vote haha sorry white room....not happening this time!! I also added 2 more colors as I only had 3 to begin with from Benjamin Moore! 

TOP: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy; MIDDLE: Gentleman's Grey; Bottom: Downpour Blue

Can we take a moment to recognize just how cool and "handy" this Handy Paint Pail is? I am the WORST when it comes to painting. I just have no patience...seriously...between the prepping and the cleaning...I am a mess with paint these have saved me and will save me during this we will be painting the built ins! the liner is so nice and you jus throw it away when you are done. NO CLEANING haha oh and the magnet for the brush? Do you know how many times I leave the brush in and it gets soaked and ruined and my hubby is pissed? well not anymore...THANK YOU Handy Pail for sending these over to help me with this project! I know it will not be the last time I use these!!!

I ran to ACE Hardware here in Vegas they carry Benjamin Moore thankfully and grabbed 2 more that were on the same spectrum as Hale Navy...Van Deusen Blue which is the one on the bottom of the small piece of wood and Newberry Blue on the top slightly that point I was think I knew what color I was going to go with....
So what do you guys think I decided on? As you can see the top one is the darkest yet stays pretty true navy as the light reflection on this one was the lowest...the middle starts to turn almost teal and the bottom is too blue for what I was going for! 
Well if you guessed HALE NAVY...then you are right...but I must warn you...I have been known to change my mind....haha seriously...this design has changed so many now...HALE NAVY is in the top running....What color do you love best for this moody calm office/Guest Bedroom? 
Until Next week where all the things have to come together haha!! 

For more updates Make sure you are following me on Instagram as I am posting the process there! 

Thank you all for the love! 





  1. Excited to see this room come together - all of the blues could have worked for different reasons, good luck!

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