Thursday, June 17, 2021

One Room Challenge Week 7: Paint color & Wallpaper reveal + Special Announement!


If you missed the first 4 weeks you can see them  below!

YOU GUYS!!!! What a week! I went from not so update MAJOR transformation!!! If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen the reveal of the wall color, the wallpaper & my incredible announcement that made this all happen!!!So let me bring you up to speed! Last week I had to make my decision on a paint color & I finally just went with my gut and went bold! The color I finally decided on was Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. Apparently it is a super popular color because I started to see so many rooms with this blue! But I wanted something elegant yet bold yet moody. 

I actually bought Eggshell first and then woke up and went back for the ultra matte from the newer collection...and I am soooo glad I did!!!
This pic was taken at night and we have no lights installed and I LOVE IT. I never did care about if it made the room look small. It IS is a small room haha I don't need it to look big I need it to make me FEEL good...haha and so far it does!!!

I finally used my Miter Saw I got for my birthday from my dad. I am not gonna lie I was scared, but after the first few cuts I was so much more confident! My hubby finished it up and even put them on the wall for me...I have been so exhausted both physically but emotionally with our Lab Sampson and my cat Sasha. This room has actually become a little bit of a distraction...but one we are both so proud of!! Ok now on to the even more exciting news! Check out my INSTAGRAM as I posted on IGTV the reveal...but are you ready to see what Wallpaper I chose? 


Are you?

What did you choose?

ok drumroll..... even though you saw it at the top of the post haha

I watched some Youtube Videos Read directions and just went for it. I know that there were things I did wrong and things I did right...but I tell ya...this wall paper was SOOOO easy to use and so easy to fix! 

It came in 2 rolls which means the pattern was different on both so they butt up against each other. The paper is nice and thick and so easy to manipulate!
I had purchased tools on Amazon and found them to be really useful. Man is this wallpaper gorgeous or what?

I used my Handy pail liner for the glue and I loved it. 

The glue was what Milton & King Recommended and it worked so well! It didn't dry too quick and was easy to roll on! I used a brush, a mini roller and a large mohair roller
I actually started in the corner which now I look back and it WAS the right place to start I think...then I changed my mind...haha I changed my mind a lot. WARNING. This is NOT a tutorial. THIS IS REAL LIFE APPLICATION hahaon a deadline with a 2 year old and full time job. 
So I switched it to the back wall. 
The 2nd run was so much easier as there was no cutting so it was perfect and honestly that was the one that I was wanting to be perfect

3rd one went up and I had gotten the hang of it but needed a better ladder no time for that! haha

My amazon tools haha I don't even know if I am doing it right but the paper went on so nicely and I could easily lift it up if I needed to! 

I will have some amazing photos next week but these are some progress photos and beautiful!!
Ugh I literally stood there for 15 minutes staring at it! I could see all my not so perfect moves but I DID IT....and I LOVE IT

I was proud of myself guys!!! THANK YOU to Milton & King for providing me with this beautiful paper that will inspire and bring joy. THIS is what this was all about and I am so grateful! 

Well I have one week left....I know that there will be things I won't be able to get done...but I have already accomplished so much of my vision. If you know me then you know I love a makes me feel all warm and fuzzy haha when you say you are going to do something and you do it. The hardest part is just getting over the fact that it won't be perfect, you will fail, but in the will be something amazing! 

See you next week!!! 





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