Thursday, April 14, 2022

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE SPRING 2022 - WEEK TWO Finalizing the Mood Board, Making decisions on colors & projects to start!

 To say I am off to a slow start is an understatement. So's only 3 different spaces in one gigantic room...I can do this...and then our kitchen faucet started leaking and instead of the 1st project the hubby and I were supposed to work on we spent most of the day fixing THAT. Don't worry Captain America was with us so I felt safe haha I did pick up some swatches of paint though so that was productive hahaa

 Ugh I think sometimes it is overwhelming when you watch everyone else demolishing their spaces and making incredible progress! Speaking of you can check out everyone participating HERE!

I'm over here like...hmmm what color should I paint the wall. I can't even decide on THAT haha I am so excited to be partnering with some of my absolute favorite companies but I just have to really start making some decisions. My 1st job right now is to create this mood board that isn't ADD and really focus on the color palette. Secondly, I am going to decide on the built ins and how I want them to look. SO, that is what this post will be about today. I will walk you through my brain..and maybe...just maybe you can help me make some decisions!!

SOOO, As I wait for Wallpaper Samples I first need to decide on the built ins. Here are some of my inspirations. See I am turning this side of the living room into an adult lounge. 

So here are some of my decisions and options. I decided to do a mood board for each project I just can't focus guys!! I feel like I am in school and I won't get inspired until the day before my paper is due haha Anyway Would love any and all thoughts and options!! Helps so much!! And to those of you working on the ORC WELCOME! and Good luck! 

So here are some Mood boards I am playing with for the ADULT LOUNGE / Prior Formal Living Room. I just keep playing with things. I am so driven by the incredible antiques I own that have been handed down and I am trying to let them guide me..but it has been hard! I just can't quite decide on ANYTHING other than the color for my grandma's victorian couches I want to re -upholster. So I am going to make a call tomorrow and start on that STAT. Oh and I am painting that gypsy lady..she is a needlpoint my mom made. So I better start on that also. ok I guess I do have some projects I can start!! 
Not sure if I like the arches now...and since my walls kind of flow through I don't think I can do a color other than a white. 


So if you followed my 1st One Room Challenge, the hubby and I built the built ins from no hack, no pre built nothin. It is beautiful, but we just do not have the time to do that this time. SO I found a few hacks that we can use to create the below! 

OPTION 1: The 1st option is the Arched built ins. I still need to decide if the one in the middle will have a table to act as a dry bar with shelving to hold our glasses and some bottles of alcohol. I like the one with cabinets as that is where we will store our games! I am also torn on what color to paint it. 


OPTION 2: No arch No Bar

OPTION 3: No Arch with Bar in the center

SO... That is where I am. Inspired but have not MADE A DECISION. Any thoughts? ideas? Would love to hear!! xoxoTill next week! 


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