Saturday, April 23, 2022

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE SPRING 2022 - WEEK THREE Choosing the perfect Wallpaper for a Dining Room & Entry Way


It was around this time last year when I told my hubby I was doing the One Room Challenge and I was wanting so badly to use wallpaper. He first asked me if I was nuts with everything on my plate to do a challenge that I have no business doing haha but then laughed when I said I would be attempting my first wallpaper application. Let's face it I didn't do it perfectly I faltered, I messed up...I even had to RE DO it haha but I look over at it every single day and I am so inspired. Like..I DID that...I came up with this whole has pieces of my treasures , family heirlooms, and little stories in every corner...that is all my own. So...THAT my friends is why I am going to be doing this again!

I may be in over my head but what's new right? SO..On to wallpaper and some of my ideas for the entry way and dining room / adult lounge in our home! I LOVE Milton & King and I find myself scrolling through the hundreds of designs they carry on a daily basis. 
After a few days I finally went in and chose a few that inspired me and had the samples delivered. I already had one of them from the 1st ORC I did and got about 5 more! Here are the options!!

I am still deciding on which room and or where I will be placing it but I am going to let my vision be driven by some of the antiques I have and go from there!

I know...these are all so different...but I feel like they each evoke a different vibe. These are the ones I am looking at for the dining room/adult lounge. The 1st one is called Almond Blossom...and a little know fact...I am OBSESSED with Peacocks...the bird, the color all of it. The next one is Tuscan Landscape, I have been looking at this one for a while...something about this just screams dining issue is the wall keeps going so I can't really wallpaper the whole wall I have to either frame it choose a different wall...The next one I was looking at I totally forgot to order the sample but it is called Paradise. I kind of like the idea of black and white which lends itself to adding more color but again WHERE! haha Ugh so these were the ones I was looking at for the dining room . Oh and this one ...I really liked this one

I know I am all over the place. This one is called Shadow Palms Mural. NEXT is the Entry Way. I was looking at this one haha only because I was drawn to the red and the all green with the bamboo but it TOTALLY doesn't go with any of the vibes anywhere haha Oh and for a second I was also looking at the black version and Chartruese version of Almond Blossom

I told you I was all over the place. NOW for the entry way I am looking at possibly going with one of the murals...OR Baroque Fusion...something about this large scale print caught my eye I was even thinking of playing around with the ceiling. Ugh. You guys....While I have all of the antiques and pretty much everything I need I do need to pin down an idea cuz guess what....I have my painters coming to skim the walls on MONDAY. So I guess I will be making some decisions FAST!

I have another day to make the final decision on which wallpaper to choose. It will probably take a week and half to get it so I need to order it Monday or Tuesday.

Well, I scheduled the painters...I also picked up paint swatches but need to finalize the wallpaper for final decisions! Week 3 is in the books and I finally feel like I am moving in the right direction! Would love your thoughts I am also going to post on Instagram to poll cuz that is fun even when I don't listen to it! haha


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