Thursday, June 22, 2023

One Room Challenge: ENTRY WAY REVEAL


Here is she is. I still can not believe I did the whole entry way. It isn't completely done and while I still had so many things I wanted to do and add..I must have changed the seating 100 times. I still envisioned my grandmothers mirror on the wall above the chair, but couldn't bring myself to mess with the wallpaper just yet. I wanted to sit on it. literally. Sometimes a room speaks to you and sometimes you want to hear what the room says? 

and while most people would want their room to look like the BEFORE below haha white, neutral, plain, whatever you want to call it. Less busy, clean, don't worry I have heard it all. THIS did nothing for me when I walked through the door. 

THIS spoke to me. and while I still think it needs Jewelry as I say...haha lighting, electrical plates, the gold mirror, and the lighting I have so many ideas on lighting...again...I just wanted to let it sit. 

The needlepoint you see there was one my mother did. If you remember I was painting this needlepoint. I still haven't finished. More on that another time but my dad surprised me with it. THE REAL ONE. I cried and was just so happy to have this beautiful lady in our home. I placed her there for now. 

The brass light fixtures were my mothers and I plan on adding bulbs so they can work, they used to sit in our childhood home. This beautiful cane loveseat was found at Salvation Army, if you are a Thrifters Anonymous Member then you know! I paid approximately $24 and Edwina wouldn't let me leave it there! I am sucker for cane and seating so together. I was going to change the upholstery but the cream really went well with the cherry blossom trees in the wallpaper. The small sequin pillow was also thrift and added some texture. Honestly, I am still playing. Isn't that the best part of these projects? I spent a lot of years not playing and forcing myself to just get what your supposed to get. But those days are long gone! Oh and that rug, that rug is from Ikea haha and it probably belongs in a bathroom but whatever the color was perfect and it was small so voila. 

This beautiful wallpaper is by Milton & King. It's called Almond Blossom, and if I could take every color and place it in all the rooms I would. You can learn more about it on THIS blog post where I reveal the pattern I chose! 
Will share a close up on Instagram and soon a room tour on Thrifters Anonymous YOUTUBE! 

Until then, I am hoping to share more of the details!!!




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